How to pack photographs when moving to Japan

Moving overseas can be exhausting and tricky. It requires a lot of energy, planning, and logistics. Finding a reliable company to ship your belongings across the sea is another task on your full plate. Besides worrying about packing fragile and bulky items, you need to figure out how to pack valuables like photographs. Packing your photos in a way that will not damage them is easy with proper instructions. Kokusai Express Japan offers tips on how to pack photographs when moving to Japan. This renowned moving and logistics company is at your disposal for useful advice and top-rated service.

How to pack photographs when moving to Japan

Photographs represent permanent memories and they are definitely something worth preserving. Follow a few simple steps and your photos will survive the overseas relocation to Japan without any damage. The most important things when preparing your photos and picture frames for a move are:

  • organizing photos
  • packing them
  • finding a good shipping and moving company
two people pack photographs when moving to Japan
Keep your photos in an album for better protection

Organizing photos

Probably your entire collection of photos is scattered around the flat. Gather them all in one place and find the time to sort them out. This is a perfect opportunity to go through them again and place them in albums. If you want to go the extra mile, sort your photos in albums by categories or chronologically. This way, once you hire the top moving service, you can rest assured you secured a great relocation process and easy unpacking.

Packing photos and frames

The best thing to preserve photos during relocation is to keep them in an album or in a box. However, if for some reason you find this option unmanageable, there are other ways. Put the photos between the pages of a heavy book. This will keep photos flat and safe. Alternatively, cut out pieces of cardboard a bit bigger than the photo and place photos between the two cardboard pieces. As for photos inside the frames, the suggestion is to take them out of the frame, as they might get damaged during transport.

a person holding a photo frame
Handle photo frames with care when packing

As for the frames, they should be treated like fragile items. They need to be handled with care as the glass part is breakable. Cover them in bubble wrap, and stack them in a box with and leave as little room as possible. Fill the empty space in a box with packing paper or packing peanuts. Remember to label the box as fragile. Put this box on top of other boxes, to avoid the frames being crushed. However, if you hire a reliable company to handle your cargo export, they will make sure all boxes are handled with utmost care.

Find the top moving and shipping company

After learning how to pack photographs when moving to Japan, the next step is to hire one of the top overseas shipping companies. They will make sure your relocation to Japan goes seamlessly. Rest assured your valuables will travel safely across the sea.


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