How to Pack and Move Statues

In a situation when you must pack and move statues, you may feel a little anxious. Those are very hard for packing sometimes. Although there are companies that organize exhibition cargo, people usually avoid them. They think that it is a costly service. In most cases, they are right. There are a lot of reasons for the high price of transportation.

  • It is not just packed and move statues – they are fragile and susceptible, so you must pack them very carefully to protect every piece of it;
  • Because of the size of figures moving companies have organized an exceptional service for the – project cargo usually transport large and fragile items so you can imagine how hard it is to move it alone;
  • Often, statues are valuable – even if you have got from old ant after her death so you must consider its value and insurance to protect it;
  • For most countries you must prepare special documentation – sometimes you will not be able to import statue just like that, so inform about it before transportation;
  • Do not forget that figures have a specific shape, which usually is not flat and straightforward – it is easy to pack a box, but try to pack items with sharp edges and curved lines.

However, if you have reasons to pack and move statues alone, do not despair. It is not so hard if you organize it well and pay attention to warnings. Also, you can hire a moving company for advice or partially when packing. There are a lot of companies that could help you with packing materials, too. Art galleries have specialized packing of precious pieces of art, so do not hesitate to ask for help.

Statue of angel
Statues usually do not have flat edges so they are hard for packing

Prepare carefully to pack and move statues

Every piece you have for transportation is sensitive in its way. Maybe it is running of large pieces of furniture, not that hard. However, parts of art usually demand substantial preparation. So, before even starting, try to research everything you can. Read about it and learn about the materials your statue is made of. Also, prepare packing material on time.

Size of the statue

Before starting, you need to measure the figure. It sounds easy and obvious, but usually, it is tough to make. Especially if you have no experience in it. Do not forget that statues do not have flat sides and lines. You must measure every bunch or dent. Companies that work with heavy-lift cargo could cooperate with you only if you have precisely defined lines and spots on your packages.

Define the value of the statue

Global forwarding works well only if you know the final price of your package. It is not easy when pieces of art are about. You must define how the statue is for decades in your family’s worth. However, it is not hard if you use the help of professional art galleries. Moving companies also have a team of people that can perform it.

Mark shape of the statue

As we said, sculptures are usually not flat and straightforward. They have edges and spots that jut, so you cannot precisely define its shape. However, for packing you must mark the form of the statue and how the final package will look like.

Statue of Buddha
You could easily protect the statue if define size and shape of it

Prepare documentation

In case you need to travel abroad, you must have documentation that proves your ownership. It is especially crucial if your statue is valuable and represents a piece of art. If you transport the icon for an exhibition, you must be even more careful.

Packing is a crucial step if you want to pack and move statues properly

Preparation is almost the main job in this situation. Depending on the filling, your figures are protected or not. Also, you will decrease the time for protection in a vehicle. However, pack statues very carefully. In some cases, you may damage them if not pack properly.

Prepare packing material

It is highly essential to prepare packing material on time. You must not go to the store when packing starts. For packing and moving statues, you will need everything you usually use for fragile items. It includes bubble wrapping, packing tape, packing peanuts.

Wrap carefully

We may think that wrapping in plastic is good enough to protect our statues. However, you cannot be sure that you will protect them from literally everything. They still could damage or fall of. Also, plastic could damage a surface of the statue or its polish. So, do not tight it too much.

Fill space

You surely know that when packing fragile items, merely putting in a box is not enough. You must fill space, so avoid breaking it. You should use it whenever you can for this purpose. Even an old blanket, pillows, or paper could be good enough. Just make sure that all you use is clean.

Statue of musician
Not every statue is large and heavy but they are still delicate and fragile

What if you have a large piece for packing?

Sometimes you cannot put a giant statue in the box. In that case, you should wrap it in the paper or plastic and protect it. You can still use a blanket and wrap it in it. If the statue is more significant than a shared blanket, cover only sensitive parts. Again, plastic wrap is good but could damage your stuff. Learn how plastic wrap is made and how it could change your status.

Transport is another crucial step if you want to pack and move statues

You cannot just throw your figures in a truck without order. You will need to protect them from it. There are a lot of ways to transport sensitive items. The good news is that you can use everyday things that you have in the house like blankets for protection.

Hire as many people as you can

You will need help when moving statues. However, if you do not have money for an expensive moving company, hire friends. Try to include as many people as you can for that. The best is if you can take people that have experience in that job. For most people, it is just fun, but you need people that are more careful.

Use wheels

Luckily, there are a lot of helping machines for people who want to pack and move statues on their own. You can use dolly or chairs with wheels. Do not forget on wheels on tables or drawers. You can use them to transport smaller statues to vehicles.

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