How to pack a musical instrument for shipping

Packing isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. When it comes to packing expensive and fragile items, things can get even more frustrating. If you need to pack a musical instrument for shipping, you need to be careful and do it properly. Instruments are very expensive and valuable items. That’s why you need to pay extra attention when packing them and make sure they don’t get damaged during transport. Here are tips for properly packing your instrument for shipping.

Before packing a musical instrument for shipping, wrap it up

The best way to protect your musical instrument in shipping is to make sure it’s properly wrapped. If you want the instrument to get transported safely and damage-free, you need to spend some time wrapping it. Don’t worry though, it’s not a complicated task. So, after you find out everything about cargo import and you decide to ship the instrument, here’s what you should do.

  • If the musical instrument you’re packing for shipping is a cello, a violin, a guitar or any string instrument, you should lightly loosen the strings. After that, wrap your instrument in a plastic bag. Secure the bag with some tape and add bubble pack to provide extra protection. After all that, you can gently place your instrument in its case.
  • In case you’re packing brass instruments for shipping, there are some different steps you should take. You should remove the mouthpiece and pack it separately from the other parts. Make sure to use bubble pack to prevent any damage.

To summarize, to pack a musical instrument for shipping, you’ll need bubble pack and tape. You can improvise with towels or some type of cloth, but bubble pack is the obvious choice. It’s also better at protecting the instruments from potential leakages.

What to pack your instruments in?

Another important thing to think about is the type of box you’re putting your instrument in. You have a few options here.

  1. Most people opt for placing their instruments in their original packaging. And that is probably the smartest thing to do. The original case is specifically made for that particular instrument, which means that it’s the right size and shape. If the case is made from a sturdy material, that’s even better. Your instrument will be safe during transportation.

    Guitar case on the floor next to a portrait. The best way to pack a musical instrument for shipping is by putting it in its original packaging.
    When you pack a musical instrument for shipping, the best thing to use is its case.
  2. Your option is using a cardboard box to pack a musical instrument for shipping. In case you don’t own a case for your instrument, don’t fret, you can use a cardboard box. However, you should be a bit more careful if you choose this option. Make sure that you find a sturdy box that will keep your instrument safe. Other than that, pay attention to the size of the box. Getting a box that is too big is not a good idea. Try to find something that doesn’t leave a lot of space for your instrument to move around in transport.

Once again, don’t forget bubble pack! You can now research international air freight forwarders or other shipping options and get ready to ship your instrument away.

How to pack bigger musical instruments for shipping

The fact that your musical instrument is bigger doesn’t change much. You still need to pack it and protect it from getting destroyed in shipping. Things do get slightly trickier with big instruments both when it comes to packing and storage. If you don’t have enough space for it in your home, you can find a warehouse in Japan, but focus on packing first.

Packing a piano for shipping

A brown grand piano with a chair.
Packing a piano is tricky, so the best thing to do is to hire professionals to help you out.

If you’re moving from Japan and you need to pack your piano for shipping, your best option is calling the professionals. That way you won’t worry as much and you’ll be sure that your piano is properly and safely packed. You can do some things to prepare the piano for packing, though.

  • Close and lock the keyboard cover on your piano if it is possible.
  • If there are any removable parts, remove them before professional packers get there.
  • Prepare enough bubble pack, towels and blankets to protect your instrument.

How to pack up drums

Pearl orange drumset
Packing up a drum for shipping  set isn’t a walk in the park, but it is manageable.

When you need to pack a musical instrument for shipping, it’s much easier when the instrument is small. However, even packing drums is doable if you have a good technique. The first thing you need to do is disassemble your drum set. Take a trip to a local music shop and see what kind of boxes you can find there. The boxes you need are a couple of inches bigger than the drums so that there’s some space for bubble pack or papers. You should remove the heads and rims from the drums before placing them in boxes. Just like the other instruments, the drums shouldn’t have space to move inside the box. Then, put one drum inside the other and put them in the appropriate boxes. The smaller parts of the drums should go into a separate bag and the legs and spurs should be wrapped.

Packing musical instruments for shipping

Packing valuable items for shipping isn’t too different from packing for relocation. Both processes are stressful and worrisome. When it comes to packing things like instruments, there is some added pressure. However, if you do it properly and thoroughly, you have nothing to worry about. You just need to be extra cautious and take good care of your prized possessions. Be patient when you pack a musical instrument for shipping and do your best to prevent it from getting ruined.

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