How to organize an international commercial move to Tokyo

Moving your business from one country to another is not an easy task. Aside from losing clients and business in general, this process also requires a sacrifice of time. Without a doubt, moving your entire company into another country will take a toll. However, how well you organize an international commercial move to Tokyo can determine how smooth the process goes. A good way to ensure you do everything correctly is to hire international, as well as domestic movers, like Kokusai Express Japan. These types of movers will be able to help you ship all of the items, as well as deal with the relocation process upon arrival. The main goal for the duration of this relocation process should be to minimize the loss from your business and minimize the money and time you spend relocating. Luckily, hiring professional moving companies can help with both of these things.

Organize an international commercial move to Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is the capital, as well as the largest city in Japan. Consequently, the Greater Tokyo Area is one of the most populous areas in the Kantō region, as well as the entirety of Japan. Most importantly, the Greater Tokyo Area is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

The city of Tokyo is located at the head of Tokyo Bay and represents the political and economic center of Japan. Additionally, the city is also the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the national government of Japan. The city alone has about 14 million residents. However, the Greater Tokyo Area has more than 37 million people living in it. Moreover, Tokyo is the leading center of Japan when it comes to finances and business. Beginning in 1950, the city underwent rapid growth and development changes. The city of Tokyo is full of culture.

a team of employees helping organize an international commercial move to Tokyo for their company
You are not alone in this, so utilize everything you have to gain as much control over the process as you can

Keep it organized

The organization is key when moving. It does not matter if you are moving to a one-bedroom apartment, or a multinational corporation, the process requires planning. Planning helps you understand each process, the time it will take, as well as the work you need to put into it. Hence, to plan the process of relocation is to have control over it.

Where do you start when organizing? What are the things you need to do? To help you understand it better, before getting in touch with air freight forwarders, here is what you need to do:

  • Create a list of items you are taking with you
  • Construct a moving budget to help you understand finances better
  • Separate your employees into two groups
  • Create a timeline of activities to keep track of them
  • Gather all of the important documentation in one binder or folder

Why separate your employees into two groups?

Stopping all of the work you have while moving will only make the process harder for you. However, no one is expecting an employee to work in an office that is slowly being stripped from the items inside it. So, how do you approach this? If you want to organize an international commercial move to Tokyo and be successful at it, you will need help.

two teams of coworkers in different locations in the room working on different tasks
Each employee group will have a responsibility to take care of for the duration of the move

To simplify moving on long distances when moving a business, simply make two groups out of your employees. One group will continue the work they did so far and maintain your business. The other group will be in charge of the organization of the move. Each group will have its responsibilities. Most importantly, this will help keep both aspects of the move under control. The first group will ensure there is no downtime, while the other will ensure the relocation goes smoothly.

Organize an international commercial move to Tokyo by making sure you have all of the documentation

It is very important that, when moving into a new country, you have all of the documentation that the customs will require from you. Aside from your passport and visa, you should consult the company moving you about the documents you need to have. Generally speaking, companies that offer international moving services, like international freight forwarding, can help you get through customs with ease.

However, you should do your own research and gather all of the documentation that you will need. The same goes for you, as well as your business. To ensure this relocation goes smoothly, you will need to ensure you have all of the adequate documentation with you. Most importantly, make sure that you separate those documents from other paperwork, to reduce the chance of losing them. Finally, always keep them close to you while on the road or packing everything.

three document files on a while surface
Gather all of the important documents in one place and organize them neatly to ensure you have no issues at the border

Let people know about the move and try to make new partners before moving

It is crucial that your business suffers as little as possible from this relocation. Aside from the things you can do before moving, there are some things that can help you have a good start when you reopen the business. Namely, by simply announcing your departure to your current customers, you will ensure that you leave no grudges behind. In addition, as you organize an international commercial move to Tokyo, try to contact companies in Tokyo for further collaboration.

Ensuring that you have partners in the country you are moving to can help kickstart your business there. Most importantly, those partners can be a great introduction to the local market and consumers. Therefore, as you arrive and work on reopening your business there, your partners can guide you through the ins and outs and help you settle in. Adapting to new surroundings will be easier with local partners helping you.

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