How to organize a garage sale in Japan?

For people living in the Western world, organizing a garage sale in Japan could be challenging. They, used to those happenings in their homeland, expect the same habits in Japan. Whereas it could be one of the best options when selling items, you will only see it in this country. Japanese people need big yards where they can sell their items. Also, their culture is more intimate, so they are tied to the home and personal items. You will hardly see them to sold parts of their homes. Therefore, there are stores and open flea markets where you can see Japanese selling small items from home from time to time. Before hiring Kokusai Express Japan, you should inform about those places.

Where can you sell your items in Japan?

As we said, the Japanese will only sell items at yard sales. However, they organize open flea markets at some addresses, so you can easily organize calls for you. Make sure you have informed us about all places where people gladly come.

A store
There are lot of small stores where you can organize a garage sale in Japan


Regarding Tokyo, you cannot expect an open market in this city. It is incredibly impossible to organize garage sales due to a lack of space. Luckily, they have an opportunity to manage an open market. It is usually the suburbs of Tokyo at the 3rd train station. They have a flea market there every weekend, month, or season. After packing all items with international movers in Japan, it is an excellent opportunity to sell spare items.


Kyoto is not particularly familiar with garage sales or any open markets. For those reasons, you will hardly organize a garage sale in Japan if you live there. Therefore, they habitually manage available sales at the plaza, with 50-60 stalls set up occasionally. You can find great items there, like toys, clothes, books, etc. Organizing, packing, and relocating takes work, so rely on a professional moving company when organizing. Video moving estimate Japan will help you significantly.


Although there are few opportunities to organize a garage sale in Japan, you can sell your items in stores. Even the smallest cities have those stores where you can buy Chinas, secondhand books, vinyl records, video games, etc. They call them Nomi-no-Ichi, Garakuta-Ichi, or Kotto-Ichi. Great opportunity to hire moving services in Japan and ask them to help you in packing your precious items after selling items.

How to organize a garage sale in Japan?

If you are willing to organize a garage sale in Japan, no matter what, you should follow some instructions. Great opportunities await you, so you collect all up-front and create a good selling plan.

Make a plan

The best-organized jobs are those where people have planned up-front. It is easy to prepare for this job if you follow professionals.

  • There are opened flea markets where you can sell your items without rush and troubles;
  • Make sure that you have prepared prices and declarations before selling;
  • Learning to negotiate if you want to organize a garage sale with style.
Open stores
You can sell your items in one of the small stores for second-hand goods

Accept the differences

Since you live in new culture different from your origin, you should accept their culture. It is for sure that they have yet to use it at typical garage sales. Accept and adjust to their rules, and keep your items clean, tidy, and organized. Japanese love to control it, and you will be able to organize a garage sale easily at places named for that.

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