How to move to Japan this winter: step-by-step guide

Moving to another country can be stressful and confusing. In addition to finding international movers Japan and packing all your belongings, you need to get informed about customs clearance and logistics. That is why we have prepared some tips and tricks that will help you move to Japan this winter safely and successfully. However, it is very important that you start planning and preparing for your overseas relocation well in advance.

Create a detailed international moving plan

Organizing a move is not an easy task. It involves many activities even when you are moving locally, let alone when you are planning an international move. That is why it is crucial to create a plan that will help you understand what you need to do at all times and stay on track. Use an international moving planner and write down all your moving tasks, from researching movers to gathering packing supplies. Then, create a timeline or a schedule including deadlines, and stick to them. There are a lot of things to remember and the moving plan will help you gather your thoughts and avoid forgetting something.

People walking in the street in Japan
If you plan to move to Japan this winter you need to plan all your moving activities in advance

Experienced movers can help you move to Japan this winter

One of the most important parts of organizing a successful move is to find well-trained and reliable movers. KSE moving can provide the type of service you need and handle every part of your relocation. Experts with a lot of experience, quality equipment, and affordable price are just some of the advantages that Kokusai Express Japan offers.

Moving can be challenging, especially if you are an inexperienced mover. But, moving professionals can facilitate the process. They can organize your move, offer advice, help with the logistics, pack your belongings efficiently, transport them safely, and even help you unpack. There are some important factors to take into consideration when choosing your movers. First, hire movers that have a license and years of experience. Next, make sure that they can meet all your needs and fit your moving budget. Request video moving estimate Japan and compare the costs. Check companies’ online reputation, visit specialized moving websites, find reviews, and ratings, and read previously submitted comments. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service they offer.

How to transport your items if you plan to move to Japan this winter

As we have already mentioned, moving to Japan requires thorough planning. One of the many decisions that you will have to make is what kind of transport to choose. There are several options – sea transport, road transport, and air transport. If you want to transport your things quickly and safely, opt for international air freight forwarders. Although this is the fastest way of transport, it is also the most expensive one. That is why sea freight is a popular form of transport. However, it also has its disadvantages. The main one is certainly the fact that you don’t know when your goods will be delivered, that is, they could be late for weeks. This decision is entirely up to you, it depends on your current situation, needs, and resources.

The packing and unpacking process

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. If you are relocating to Japan it is very important to properly protect your belongings, considering the moving distance. Also, you need to know packing techniques to avoid any possible damage. Before you start to pack, decide which items you want to transport. Bear in mind that the cost of your relocation depends on the size of your move. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new things than to transport heavy, bulky items, pieces of furniture, etc. So, organize all your belongings and get rid of things you don’t use or need.

A person that plans to move to Japan this winter packing a suitcase
Organizing and packing all your things can take weeks, even months

Sell or donate clothes you don’t wear, old gadgets, books, appliances, and kids’ toys. After that, make an inventory list so that you would know how many moving boxes you would need. Gather packing materials in advance and make sure your moving boxes are clean, sturdy, and durable. Use bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and packing peanuts for protection.

If you are not sure how to pack and protect all your things, hire professionals to help you. Hire movers that provide packing and moving service Japan, so that you don’t have to deal with this part of relocation. They will recommend the best packing supplies, pack, and label all your moving boxes. But, you should be aware that even when you hire the best moving company, unexpected things can still happen. That is why it is recommendable to hire an insurance company. There are two options when it comes to insurance. The first type is company insurance. It covers your shipment through the shipping and transportation process. The second one is third-party insurance and it covers your boxes. Bear in mind that the majority of moving companies don’t offer insurance that covers expensive items such as jewelry and artwork.

Packing a box
Professional packers can speed up the packing process

Do you need storage services?

If you need some additional service, such as packing and storage services, make sure to inform your moving company as soon as possible. You will need to choose between indoor and outdoor storage units, and decide on the storage size, and special conditions. For example, if you have valuable items such as art pieces, important documents, or antique furniture that you plan to store, your should opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. Humidity and high and low temperature can damage your belongings so the temperature inside the unit should be optimal.

Moving abroad is an exciting, new chapter but it can also be challenging and stressful. If you plan to move to Japan this winter you should do thorough research and plan everything carefully. Getting used to a new culture and customs will take some time, but we are sure that you will soon feel at home.

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