How to move glass items overseas

When relocating across the world, it is essential to know everything about packing, especially packing fragile items. You never know what to expect when shipping items overseas. Any hasty step or unprofessional move can cause accidents that you want to avoid. In order to learn how to move glass items overseas, Kokusai Express Japan will help you out in this article. Glass objects are likely to shatter into pieces and this is what we want to prevent. So stick around and learn some useful tips.

Find the best packing material

A lot of movers will assist you if you decide to relocate and transport your belongings. Choosing the right is one of the most crucial aspects of project cargo. If you decide to take responsibility to pack the items before shipping, prepare yourself.  Before we describe the packing techniques, invest a bit more money into reliable and secure boxes. Something else that you might need is:

  • bubble and plastic wrap,
  • edge protectors for your glassware,
  • box dividers,
  • strong tape, etc.
Many glasses on the table
If you want to move glass items overseas, invest in good quality packing material.


Wrap individual items and secure them

Wrapping and packing every single item can be time-consuming so that is a perfect family moving task. No matter the size and shape the glassware is in, you have to protect them separately. The best way is to use bubble wrap and arrange them one on top of the other in the box. This way they will not be moving around the box and smashing it into tiny pieces. This will be a long journey and every single vibration threatens to turn into an accident when it comes to your glassware.

Use dividers to pack items in large boxes

Since glass is delicate, you will have to separate your items. But this requires using a lot of boxes and packing will be endless. If you want to pack them in one large box, use cardboard dividers. This way you can have different items in one box and protect them from breaking. You can always talk to some overseas shipping companies and find some useful advice on how to prepare your belongings. Recommendations can be useful in order to avoid accidents.

A man getting ready to move glass items overseas
Don’t hesitate to ask for help when packing fragile items for overseas transport.

Packing mirrors and pictures

It is definitely not easy to move glass items overseas and you have to be organized and start on time. Larger items like picture frames and mirrors need to be prepared carefully and if possible put in their own boxes. If you don’t keep one, get a similar one that can hold these heavy items. Labeling is essential when shipping these items. Always mark them with labels that say ‘fragile’ or ‘do not lay flat, to prevent them from being shattered. You can apply the same packing principle, and wrap them in bubble wrap. Don’t put them in boxes that are too big and have a lot of empty space. This may cause the mirror to move around and get damaged.


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