How to manage your real estate when moving internationally?

It is difficult to manage your real estate when moving internationally if you are a homeowner. The reason is difficulties when organizing, renting, paying, and controlling the property when you are far away. When those difficulties happen, the renter will not pay for rent, expecting the owner to resolve the problems. On the other hand, renting a property when you are abroad have plenty of opportunities and advantages. You will have a regular monthly income, a short time for moving since you do not need to sell, and a home that waits for you. All problems you can resolve understanding the problems and with the right contract. Moving you can organize safely and fast with Kokusai Express Japan.

How to rent real estate abroad

Thanks to real estate companies, you can easily rent property abroad. However, you need to prepare for it, find the right person, and prepare documents. Also, you will need to prepare a contract that will protect you and your renter. All will help you to manage your real estate when moving internationally.

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Learn to manage your real estate when moving internationally

Find a real estate company

Moving is difficult, so you should rely on professional international movers Japan. The same rule you should apply to rent a house, too. A real estate company will surely help you in organizing this process and finding the right renter. Make sure that you have relied on a professional company with experience in these situations. They will know what to prepare and what the documentation should look like.

Research the market

Although you have a lot of jobs to do before moving, you surely can do your own research to prepare for renting a house. You should read all forums and social networks and learn about your potential renter. It is important to find out who will rent your home and which type of renters are most interested in your particular house. You will easily manage your real estate when moving internationally, knowing that you have chosen the right person. After that, you can find a proper company and rely on one of the best overseas moving companies for moving.

Marketing is important

Even if you have decided to rely on a real estate company in this case, you can do a lot alone. One of the most important jobs is to market your home. You can choose simple resolutions like the internet, social networks, or forums. On the other hand, you can advertise your home on local spots or media. One of the reasons it is difficult to manage your real estate when moving internationally is organizing renting alone. Domestic movers Japan could help you in removing items when packing and cleaning.

Finding renters before leaving

Finding renters in this phase is complicated because you already have a lot of jobs to do. Along with preparing for moving, you need to make contacts, talk with the potential renters and estimate their behavior. It could be exhausting and stressful, so rely on professionals whenever you can.

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You should have a meeting with your new renters

Organize a tour

When renting a home, you need to allow people to make a tour of your home. If you are in the process of moving, it could significantly change your mood. It is also important to manage your real estate when moving internationally together with a real estate company. They will help in showing the house, and later when you need their full support.

Introduce yourself to new renters

No matter how difficult this period is for you, you need to organize this interesting meeting. You need to introduce yourself to new renters, even if they found the house in the agency. It is an important part of this job since they will live in your home when you are not in the country. You will need to estimate how serious they are and if they will be respectful to your property.

Make a contract

In these situations, when you need to manage your real estate when moving internationally, a contract is crucial for avoiding problems. You need to define the obligations of the owner and renters. It is important to say if you will pay for every damage, problems with parts of the house, or other details. Also, the contract should define the details about paying rent and on which period renters will pay rent.

How to manage your real estate when moving internationally

Before leaving, you should organize your home and prepare for moving. You will need to prepare the house for new renters and resolve possible problems in the home. It is also a time when you will define details about maintaining a home when you are abroad.


When renting a home, the most important is to clearly define who is obligated for maintenance. In this case, it could be an agency, or similar service, that usually works in these situations. However, before moving, it is your obligation to resolve all problems, so learn tips for maintaining your new home. If you have broken parts, holes in walls, or any other similar problem, it is expected that you will resolve it. Especially pay attention to electricity, gas, and internet lines, and resolve any problem that can do damage or jeopardize life.

Learn how to make your home comfortable and cozy

Pay all bills

Moving internationally is difficult for one more reason. You must not leave any bill unpaid. It could cause a lot of trouble for you and the renters. Remember that all unpaid bills will sooner or later come to your renters, which can cause problems for them.

  • Before moving, check all bills for electricity, gas, and internet and pay all on time;
  • Check if you have any debt or obligation, so do not leave anything unresolved;
  • Inform renters about all obligations you have so they can manage your real estate when moving internationally.

Clean the home

Although you will have a lot of jobs to do before moving, it is important to leave your home properly cleaned. It will show your good manners and welcome the renters. The cleaning should be detailed in each corner and detail. Make sure that you have cleaned each part of the home, even those that you haven’t packed yet. Maybe it will not help to manage your real estate when moving internationally, but it will show respect to renters.


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