How to Help Kids Get Used to Life in Japan

It is very important to help kids get used to life in Japan right after moving. A lot of people move to another country with their families. In those situations, the hardest job is to adapt kids to new life. They need to accept new friends, school, and lifestyle. It is not easy and in most cases, it could lead to rejections in kids. They simply live their old life. So, do not allow yourself to turn your moving to Japan into a nightmare.

For most people living in Japan is a great experience. We know for their working habits, great life philosophy, and education. However, our kids do not think about Japan in the same way. The only they know is how their lives change. So, try to make this period as gentle as can. Organize your life there and make sure that their adaptation is in the first place.

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There are a lot of creative ways to help kids get used to life in Japan

Help kids get used to life in Japan as soon as possible

It is the most important part of the kids’ adaptation. You should inform them about life in Japan, show them the best parts of it. Also, it is crucial to do it immediately, or it is better to say, as you land in Japan. In that way, they will not have time to be depressed or lonely. You will show them the best sides of this country and start with the adaptation early.

  • Culture is different in Japan, so adapting to this country should start from it – your children will love it;
  • The school could help kids get used to life in Japan in the best way – there is nothing better than society peers to help in adaptation;
  • Lifestyle is a little awkward in Japan so you should not afraid to show your kids how it looks like right after air freight forwarders land you here;
  • Do not forget that your children do not have friends here and the worst part is to be lonely after moving – so, try to find them as soon as possible.

Inform about culture

Exploring new countries and cultures could be a great way to spend time with the family. You can use old books and the internet even before start with packing. Your children will be surprised by all the great things that this country offers. You should not worry about moving. The professional company Kokusai Express Moving could help you in this part.

Learn Japanese

Although English is the official language in international schools and companies, you should start with learning Japanese. It will help you a lot in normal life. Also, it could be challenging. You can learn all great ways to start a conversation with people here. Language helps in making people closer and adopting the culture. You should start with it before hiring moving service Japan.

Keep tradition

It is hard to continue with tradition after moving to a new country. When moving to Japan, you have an even harder job. It is a very interesting country, but completely different from other countries and continents. However, it will be harder if you forget old habits and traditions. You should not reject your nature because of relocation and for your children it will be easier to make a connection to the new culture.

Hard in school

Schools in Japan are a little different than in other countries. They demand coming on time, following strict rules. They keep children in school the whole day, involving them in different activities. For some children, it could be hard, so prepare the family for it.

Loneliness is one of the reasons to help kids to get used to life in Japan

As our kids are not adapted to the new life in a foreign country, they will feel lonely. They surely miss their friends and old life. Kids do not like changes, especially if they need to change the place of living. However, you can help them by adapting to new life immediately. In that way, you will spend more time with them, and it is very important for them.

You should explore and research all about Japan before start with packing

International schools

One of the best parts of living in Japan is that they have international schools, so you should not worry about adaptation. However, it could be even harder, since they need to adapt to many different friends and languages. On the other hand, it could be a great adventure.

Find friends and neighbors

It is crucial to find friends and neighbors as soon as you can. They will make a great atmosphere in your home and help the children to get used to living in Japan. You should also choose other foreigners to make friendships. They have already adapted to new life so can help you. On the other hand, they surely have children, too, so you will find a good company.

Do not lose contact

Many people think that it would be much easier if they stop all contacts with old friends. However, it is not a smart decision. Your children need to keep old friendships as long as they can. Thanks to the internet, they can make contact very long.

If you help kids to get used to life in Japan they will feel relaxed

Moving is hard and stressful. Most of the things will cause problems in normal life. So, you should do whatever you can to avoid stress and be more relaxed. Exploring the new country and lifestyle surely helps. So, you should plan that as soon as you come to Japan. Only in that way, you will feel more relaxed.

Explore the new country

Like in any other situation, as much as you know about the new country, you will feel more comfortable there. You should take a good Japanese guide and learn as you can about this country. You will be surprised at how great it is. Also, you will have more time to adapt to their people.

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You should help your children in any circumstance

Talk with the children

Do not spend too much time helping kids to get used to life in Japan. You should understand them and try to help in many situations. Some children have problems that are not connected with relocation. Try to understand them and talk with them often even after moving. It will help you to connect with the child.


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