How To Get To Know Tokyo In A Month

It is not that easy to get to know Tokyo in a month, but you can do the best to see its most attractive parts. When it comes to Japan, it is a fascinating country. There are a lot of things that you can see and visit there. However, Tokyo is an entirely different experience in your life. Thanks to the combination of tradition and magnificent nature, you can see exciting things there with modernity. Do not hesitate to ask for a different moving service in Japan. They will help you to relocate your life here.

For most places, you must live for a long time there to get to know better. It would help if you talked with their people, learn habits, culture, and architecture. Even the weather is significant when you want to get to know the cities. It is essential to living at least a year at someplace to understand how it lives. However, there are a few necessary things that you can still learn about Tokyo even after a month.

Japan represents a combination of the tradition and modernity

What to see first if want get to know Tokyo in a month

There are a lot of places that you should see in Tokyo when you come here to live. However, it is hard to visit them all for a month. Experts and people who live here recommend a few places as high to see first. If you understand them and see how they look, you will realize the whole country. Also, you will see how great this place is if you want to stay here to live.

  • It is essential how people in those places organize free time – cultural life and hours after the job are significant for every person;
  • Every city has a specific lifestyle, and it is the first you should know if you want to get to know Tokyo in a month – sounds hard but not impossible;
  • Cost of living is significant for new places where we come to live – however, you should not buy new furniture when coming there thanks to the cargo export services;
  • Traffic is crucial in some countries – in Tokyo people live entirely different from the rest of the world thanks to the fact that they do not have cars;
  • Culture is also different in Tokyo, and you will understand it better if you know people and their lives.

It is a high-tech city

You surely have clues about how Tokyo looks like and how people live here. Most important, we all remember the lights and illuminated billboards. You surely have seen that Japan is known to high technology and sophisticated IT industry. It has many great reasons to come here to live, especially if you are skilled in that job. Kokusai Express Movers will help you.

Do not forget tradition

Maybe one of the most exciting combinations between modernity and traditions is in Tokyo. They have combined the old world and times with the new and modern life. They have included technology in their lives, not forgetting tradition. Maybe it is the reason why international air freight forwarders bring more and more people here to live.

Temples and gardens

You may surely have seen temples on the photos from Japan. Those are some of the most beautiful things in this part of the world. They have not forgotten culture and religion at all. Their temples are touristic destinations, too.

Shopping is great here

Maybe you have not thought about it in that way, but Japan has excellent shopping malls and shops. One of the most famous brands has its offices here. It means that you can easily organize shopping at weekends and spend great hours there.

Tokyo at night
We all remember lights and billboards in Tokyo

Great food

Experts claim that Japan and Tokyo have more Michelin stars than any other country in the world. It means that you surely can eat the best food here. However, they do not use western recipes and cuisine to attract people. Most of them will prepare food that is traditional and following Japanese recipes.

How to get to know Tokyo in a month

There are a lot of ways to get to know a new place in your life. It is not hard, especially if you have willing to stay there longer. However, people who live here know that it is not easy to learn new things. It would help if you started from the most recognizable and famous places about the city.

It has a great climate

Every season is comfortable in Tokyo, so you can choose any of them to come here to live. If you come during the winter, temperatures will not be shallow. On the other hand, the summers are not too warm. It is a great city to live in.

Do not stay in Tokyo only

You can check the places around this city, too. It has great places to visit. One of the greatest is Kyoto, for example. Thanks to the excellent public transportation, you will be able to travel longer than you may be expected. You can also hire a guider, so organize to get to know Tokyo much easier.

Tokyo in summer
There are great traditional shows and customs in Japan that you should see

If you want to get to know Tokyo in a month be careful

You can see some bad surprises about this city at first. It is a great place, but it could be cold and unfriendly for the first time. Also, prepare for the cost of living and problems with apartments. Not many people in Tokyo have a car for a reason. However, do not allow those things to ruin your first days here. Open your mind and accept novelties in your life.

It is costly

Before coming to live in any part of the world, firstly check how much money you need. The cost of living in Tokyo is very high, so prepare for it on time. Despite that, it has a meager crime rate in the world. You will get to know Tokyo in a month for very high prices, but safe and protected.

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