How to find English friendly moving company in Japan

There are so many moving companies to choose from in Japan. Many of them offer great terms and prices when it comes to relocating within Japan. Never the less, it can be pretty hard to determine which of the moving companies best suits your needs. Because while a particular mover might be a perfect choice for one person, they might not suit the needs of another. On the other hand, it is extremely hard to find an English-speaking domestic moving company in Japan. The company has to meet all the criteria besides this one. So, before you make a choice, you have to start by getting acquainted with several tips. They will ultimately help you to find an English-friendly moving company in Japan. So, here we go!

Facts about relocations within Japan

No matter if you know how to speak Japanese or not, one is certain. Before deciding, you have to research all the options and check the moving company’s reviews. Visit the moving company’s website. You will surely find all the information you need to form a decision. Also, you can do a check-up on the company’s website. See if they are an English-friendly moving company. If you are relocating to Japan, you shouldn’t hurry. Don’t let the fact that the movers speak English mislead you. This fact cannot be the only criteria the movers have to fulfill. Consider all the other circumstances.

Look for an English-friendly moving company in Japan online.
Research on your own. Browse the internet to find an English-friendly moving company in Japan.

Make a call and check if the moving company’s staff speaks English

This can be one of your first steps if you want to find an English-friendly moving company in Japan. And it’s the easiest one as well. So, start by looking for a telephone number of the moving company in question. Browse through their website. After you do that, make the call. You will find out at once if this is an English-speaking moving company or not. If there isn’t any phone number provided for contacting a moving company, surely there is an e-mail address. Compose a short, yet concise e-mail. Ask them straight forward about their knowledge of the English language. By the answer from that company, you’ll be able to conclude if this is an English friendly moving company. There are many difficulties foreigners can run into in Japan, so bear that in mind.

Be ready to pay a few extra dollars for an English-friendly moving company in Japan

As it is so hard to find an English-speaking company, we have a few tips. First, you have to check if the moving company in question offers good terms for relocation. Second, ask for a moving quote before comparing different moving companies. And last, but not least, take into consideration some important facts about relocations in Japan.

Get to know Japanese customs

  • In Japan, the peak season for moving is the end of March. That is the time when fiscal and academic year-end. Many people move from one place to another because they start working for a different company. As you can conclude, the peak season is at a different time than in the USA, for example. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find an English-friendly moving company at that time.
  • When it comes to statistics, there is four to five percent of Japanese people that move every year. Also, many foreigners move every year.
  • Also, many people move with their families. That’s why domestic moving companies often have a mascot animal painted on their trucks. Children like seeing animals such as a giant panda, a giraffe, etc.
Japanese kimono doll
When you’re looking for an English-friendly moving company in Japan, find the movers who also respect their tradition.

Many English-friendly moving companies respect the tradition and Japanese customs

Besides the fact that a company is English-friendly, it’s so nice to come across a company that respects Japanese customs. For example, when Japanese people move into a new neighborhood, they give a gift to their new neighbors. It is not important what kind of gift. Although many years ago, it was typical to give buckwheat noodles.

Also, it is a custom to give a farewell gift to people who are moving out of your neighborhood. So, it is expected to receive several gifts if you are leaving Japan permanently.

Finding an English-friendly moving company in Japan depends on the area where the relocation happens

As in any other country, there is a higher possibility to find an English-speaking moving company in a big city. So, we have concluded that you can find this sort of moving company in Tokyo. Also, there are some English-friendly movers in areas surrounding Tokyo. But, we advise you to contact such companies first. They are very busy and you have to book your relocation on time. Try doing so a few months before the moving day. On the other hand, English-speaking moving companies are very difficult to find outside of Tokyo.

It is easier to find English-speaking movers in Tokyo.
Tokyo offers the best chances to find an English-friendly moving company in Japan.


In the end, we would like to sum up this topic. Simply, the market for English-friendly moving companies is not yet developed in Japan. But, due to high interest from customers for this type of company, many movers think about that fact. They request good knowledge of the English language when they hire new workers. As in all other countries in the world, the English language is so important and necessary. You’ll need it if you want to communicate with people from around the globe.

We sincerely hope that we were able to help you to build a strategy. Because you will surely need one to find an English-friendly moving company in Japan. But, don’t be discouraged. Professional movers are waiting for your call. Good luck!

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