How to find a house remotely before moving to Japan?

It should not be difficult to find a house remotely before moving to Japan thanks to the internet. There are great agencies that work with ex-pats perfectly and resolve problems that they may have when moving to Japan. If you choose the best agency for moving to this country, Kokusai Express Japan, you will be able to move to the new place without stress. Finding an apartment could be much easier and less stressful than usual.

How to find an apartment in Japan?

There are a lot of ways to find an apartment in Japan without stress and trouble. People who came to live here usually know all steps to make when looking for an apartment. However, the easiest way to find an apartment is to rely on professionals.

  • You should be able to find a house remotely before moving to Japan thanks to the internet;
  • There are great places where you can find an apartment even before landing in Japan;
  • If you are not sure when international movers Japan will bring you to Japan you can find an apartment after landing quickly.

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    You can find a house remotely before moving to Japan

You can finish the whole job online

Thanks to the internet, you can do all the jobs online and rent a house easily and fast before moving to Japan. You can apply for the apartment online, send one of the ID documents (they accept scans or photos of it), and fill out the form on the site. You can also send advance payment as a security that you will show up at the apartment.

Find a real estate agency

Overseas shipping companies could help you to move to Japan easily and fast. Finding the place is a little harder. As one of the most logical steps when looking for a home remotely is to rely on an agency that helps in these situations. Even a real estate agent can work online, and you can agree with them about all you need before coming to Japan. Some of them work with ex-pats only, while the other ones are more for people that are still not in Japan. Keep in mind that you should define precisely what you need and understand all conditions and legislation. Some of the agencies that may help you are Ken Corporation, Real Estate Japan, Housing Japan, and others.

Rely on real estate agent

If you are not satisfied with the agency and need something more intimate, it is better to rely on an agent. It will be closer to your problem and understand what you need when renting an apartment. The agent will find the most affordable and comfortable accommodation, but also show you more than one option when choosing the best one. Depending on the budget that you have you can ask for the larger or smaller option.

Find a room in a share house

It is a concept where people share to rent in a large house. Not only that they share costs, but they also connect with people with different backgrounds, jobs, and origins. It is a great way to save money and learn the language, cuisine, and everyday life in Japan. If you are interested in this type of living, some agencies can help you with this – Oakhouse, Sakura House, Borderless House, Tokyo Sharehouse, Sharehouse 180. Renters have no obligations to sign a strict contract, so it is a great way to start living in Japan easily and fast.

Use the internet to find a house before moving to Japan

How to find a house remotely before moving to Japan?

It is possible to find a house even before moving to Japan. The key is in rely on the internet and official and trustworthy sites. There are great places that help ex-pats in this situation.

Search websites

In the era of the internet is easy to find whatever you need remotely. The first where you should go are sites that share houses and apartments for rent. Some of those sites are Suumo, HOME’S, At Home, Chintai, and Apamanshop. The site is great for remotely renting, and gives very precise photos and descriptions of the apartments that are for rent. Most of the homes are not furnished in Japan. Unfortunately, those sites are in Japanese, so if you do not speak or read this language, check on sites Wagava Japan, BEST-ESTATE.JP, Gaijin Pot Housing Service, and Living Japan.

Join Facebook groups

There are great Facebook groups for foreigners that could help you in many situations. Those groups are safe places where you can find assistance in English, find a roommate, or even find a house. Consider them as places where you can rely on friends and helpers, people with the same problems as you, and those who have resolved the problems that you have now. Not only that you will find a living home, but you will also easily learn Japanese and learn a lot about culture, cuisine, and everyday life in Japan.

What if you have not found a place?

If you have not found an apartment before moving do not worry. There are great ways to find a place and start your life in Japan easily.

Short-term rentals

You can start your life in Japan very easily and fast, even if you do not find a house remotely before moving to Japan. There are places where you can rent accommodation first you arrive. Mostly, those are larger houses, where you must share living and dining room, but otherwise, they are very comfortable and safe. Maybe you will need to share the room with a doormat or have a few roommates. However, you will not need to sign any contract, and the charge will be much lower. You can also leave the house whenever you want, without additional costs.

Explore Japan before moving and start your life perfectly

Long-term apartment

After a while, when you find a job and stable finances, you can find much better accommodation and a long-term obligation. Average rent includes many factors, where some of which are not that bad even a little more expensive. Depending on part of the town, size, areas, and similar factors, you will pay a higher or lower price. Define conditions that you will need – like distance from the station, center or your job, property, facilities, and costs. Then you will be able to pay exactly what you want and need.

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