How to ensure packages safety during transport

When sending a shipment, couriers will usually warn you of the risk of damage. You are obliged to pack the parcel in such a way as to protect the contents because, if it is damaged, the courier services are not responsible for the damage caused.  Let me introduce you to some tricks and tips on how to ensure packages’ safety during transport.

Packaging to ensure packages safety during transport

The most important thing is to choose the appropriate packaging for the parcel. So, first of all, consider the dimensions, weight, and fragility of the item you are sending.

Ensure packages safety during transport
Make sure to check your package safety before sending it.

Since documents do not require physical protection, they can be in envelopes, and packing documents for sending by express mail is quite simple. However, sending fragile items by courier service always carries the risk of damage.

To properly package a shipment, you need the following:

  • Wide adhesive tape
  • Cardboard box
  • Protective material (sponge, newspaper, cardboard, etc.)
  • Plastic foil / bag / stretch foil (optional)

Materials to ensure packages safety during transport

1. The cardboard box must be sturdy
The cardboard box must be strong. Avoid “recycling” boxes you have already used.
Sellers and buyers recommend that the box needs to be twice the volume of the item you want to pack. This way, you have enough space for protective material to protect the shipment and fill in the gaps inside the package.

2. The openings on the box must be firmly glued
Make sure the box is tightly closed and that all sides inside are closed. If necessary, you can further strengthen the box by pasting the pages over the middle with a wide adhesive tape.

3. Protect the contents of the package
The most common reason for damage to shipments is that the content was not protected the right way from shocks and external influences. Avoid the contents of the box touching the walls of the box. Carefully coat the entire inside of the box with protective material and fill in any gaps after placing the item in the box. The most commonly used materials for protection and packaging are various sponges, styrofoam, newspapers, and bubble wrap.


Cardboard and adhesive tape
Packages safety during transport is a priority.


Project cargo

What is a project cargo? Project cargo is the transportation of large, complex, or high-value pieces that can move by land, sea, or air. This process involves shipments with the help of cranes, trucks, rail, planes, and ships. There are four types of cargo transportation: air, marine, rail, and road.

1.Air Freight

Only certain things are suitable for air transport, and this option often comes with customs and excise restrictions, airport taxes, and other regulatory requirements. Companies that need their package for the fastest possible transportation often choose air transportation. It is a safe transport, and it reduces the delivery time while improving the overall service.

2.Road transport

Road transport is the most massive form of transport, for passengers and cargo, over short and medium distances. Almost all packaging will require road transport. Road transport is cost-effective and ideal for transporting perishable goods on short distances. Your package can have some damages by improper handling or careless driving. Prepare for potential delays, such as traffic, breakdowns, and bad weather.

3. Marine

Sea or ocean freight is often used by companies that ship large quantities of goods at once. It is the longest mode of transportation but is ideal for shipments of minerals and coal. This transport is pretty slow and can lead to product damage due to movement if your goods are not properly packaged.

4. Rail transport

Rail transport is the solution for domestic or intercontinental transport, especially for heavy-weight goods. It is reliable transportation that offers fast delivery at an affordable price. Besides, it is more environmentally friendly than air and road alternatives.

Cargo transport
Sea freight is an affordable transportation solution.

Moving services

A lot of Japanese moving companies offer packing services. Some companies use cushioned boxes made for tableware, which saves you the time and trouble of wrapping plates in old newspapers. If you have a single piece of furniture or luggage, some companies will transport it for you. It is an opportunity for people who want to give away things, such as a cabinet or bed or need to deliver items to a buyer on a flea market app.

Moving service Japan has programs that can help you with moving things easy, without troubles. The general steps are next:

  1.  Calculate the number of household items you own and ask for free cardboard boxes from the company if you do not have your own.
  2. Pack your belongings in the cardboard boxes. (Excluding large furniture like washing machines, shelves, and refrigerators.)
  3.  On a moving day, the professional movers will pack and deliver large-sized belongings.
  4.  When they finish carrying out your belongings, you will head to your new home.
Moving service truck
Moving service will help you big time.


To avoid inconvenience, be informed about the company’s abilities. Read the “About Us” or go through the reviews – that would be enough to help you make the decision. Research company. Can they handle your large parcel, or does it only deal with documents and small items? It is of great value to use the services of a delivery company that has an insurance policy. It will ensure you a refund in case of a mishap.  Are they take responsibility for the whole process from shipping to delivery? Consider some critical points as well. The little time invested in finding the answers can help you from troubles in the future.


Preparing goods for shipping is essential. Being aware of the dangers can save you lots of money, frustration, and time in the future.  It is challenging, but also it is a whole new experience. Always research before you start planning. Learning new skills and organizing things under different circumstances can be fun and stressful at the same time, but with these tips and bits of advice, you can take a step back, relax and start planning step by step, stress-free.


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