How to disassemble furniture before moving it

You have finally decided on moving to Japan and there are quite a few tasks ahead of you. You must prepare the packing guide, dedicate the budget, cover legalities, find movers, and much more. Also, you should disassemble furniture before moving it. Many people have problems with robust furniture when moving overseas and today we will help you overcome this difficulty. Let us begin.

Think in advance about how to disassemble furniture before moving it

Before you can call your movers and schedule your project cargo services, you must create a personalized moving plan. If you create a moving checklist along with an inventory list, you shouldn’t have any problems along the way. Therefore, include the following on your list:

  • Info about the shipping and moving company.
  • All moving services you’ll purchase.
  • Details about costs, estimates, and budget.
  • Packing and disassembling plan.
  • Legalities, permits, and shipping documents.
  • Moving-related responsibilities, chores, and errands you must complete.
Create your plan and let movers to disassemble furniture before moving it
Create a list with all moving-related responsibilities. This way you won’t forget a thing.

These are the basics and you can always add more if you think there is something you must finish before the moving day is upon you. But you should clearly focus on how to disassemble furniture before moving it because it can create a lot of problems and unnecessary costs if you do not take care of this task adequately.

You should find movers to relocate your furniture

You will disassemble furniture before moving it but you must find a reliable moving team to move your cargo. And you will find them online once you search guided by your preset requisites. Just make sure they are licensed with all the tools required for the job. After all, you are having a long-distance relocation and you want to be sure your items will reach the destination unharmed. Therefore, inspect your movers a bit by reading reviews and feedback. Once you know more, give them a call and take it from there. Although to help you out a bit we will recommend Kokusai Express Japan as one of the best shipping and moving companies for relocations out of and into Japan. Give them a call and obtain the best service in the area.

As for your furniture, it would be wise to gather the basic info before contacting your movers. Obviously, you know you must move a piano in one piece, but all other wardrobes, kitchen tables, shelves, etc. can be disassembled. Figure out what you want to be taken apart and note it all down. Communicate further with your movers and create the best plan for packing and shipping.

How to disassemble furniture before moving it

Even if you want to disassemble furniture before moving it, you must know that some pieces are meant to stay in one piece forever. They are assembled once and you shouldn’t disassemble them ever. Especially if you have never done it before and if they have wooden pins and screws that can be easily broken. But if you still want to make a DIY project out of it, do it in a few steps. Firstly, you must use an adequate set of tools for the job.

a box with screwdrivers
A simple set of home tools should be enough to disassemble all your furniture.

Do not just use a hammer and brute force to break stuff apart. You will most likely finish your job with a screwdriver, pliers, a small rubber hammer, and maybe a power drill if you know how to use one. After you disassemble it, wrap each piece in plastic wrap for protection and you are good to go. Keep screws, bolts, and small pieces in a labeled baggie to avoid losing them.

Movers can do it instead

One last thing, movers have full assembling and disassembling services. All you have to do is to ask. Hence, check their moving service Japan and browse the offers and packages they have in store. Maybe you can use some of it to make your relocation much easier. For starters, to have your movers take care of all the furniture.

There we go, now you know how to disassemble furniture before moving it. The only question is – should you do it at all? We are sure you’ll find the answer to this question once you start packing. At least now you know how to cover the whole process. Good luck.

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