How to deal with the shipping crisis in 2022?

Mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic the global shipping crisis happened. The shipping prices got much bigger. Additionally, the delays have become much longer. This has caused many brands and companies to experience stock inventory crises as well. Moreover, many officials who are dealing with this crisis are looking into ways to solve it. However, the situation in 2022 is not getting better. One of the reasons for these delays is the increase in imports from the East plus labor shortages all over the world. It can be hard but there are some companies that are successfully dealing with this crisis, for example – Kokusai Express Japan. They can help you deal with the shipping crisis in 2022. So can reading this blog. Therefore, let us dive in!

Ways to make this crisis on your brand

The first thing you need to know is that this crisis is no one’s fault. Plus, every brand out there has been affected by it. Dealing with this crisis is something you have to deal with every day. Moreover, no matter how you try to avoid this shipping crisis, some delays are unavoidable. Therefore, having a plan that will help you satisfy customers’ expectations is a must in 2022! Especially when your goods go out – both in inventory and in stock. Some things you can do to deal with your customers are:

  • Have open communication with your customers
  • Make room for delays
  • Do not promote out-of-stock items
  • Upsell the stale inventory
  • Ship by air
deal with shipping crisis in 2022
Follow the steps above to successfully deal with the shipping crisis in 2022

Have open communication with your customers and deal with the shipping crisis in 2022 successfully

One very important rule you should follow no matter the crisis is being honest with your customers. No matter what happens, transparent communication with your customers is a must. No one likes to be lied to. Moreover, what is the point in lying when you know that your company probably won’t meet the deadline? Plus, everyone is aware of this crisis, both companies, and customers. Therefore, many of your customers should be filled with understanding and they will appreciate your honesty.

You do not have to call your customers all the time to let them know about possible delayed shipments. However, keep in mind that hiring Kokusai Express Japan sea freight forwarders will minimize the waiting time for the shipment. But, you can never be too careful with this. Therefore, make sure that your customers get a message that will let them know that delays are possible due to the global shipping crisis. If you want to take your care for the customers to another level. You can make a separate webpage on your website that will explain this issue in depth. Make sure to provide the link to that page in your message.

Deal with the shipping crisis by making room for the delays

Now in 2022, you can not be sure when your to restock will arrive. Therefore do not push your dates and try to make room for delays. In other words, try to foresee the real-time of arrival. Better to announce a later in-stock date for your product. Then push back the earlier date a few times. However, if your products arrive earlier – even better! You can surprise your customers and make those orders rush in. Furthermore, you can always get in contact with overseas shipping companies and kindly asked them for a real estimated time of arrival. This will also help you determine the real-time of arrival for your product.

communicate with customers
Honest communication with customers can only do good things for your business

By not promoting your out-of-stock items you can deal with the shipping crisis in 2020

While you deal with shipping delays make sure to stay aware of your marketing team. Make sure that the out-of-stock products are not promoted. This means thoroughly checking all the active ads across social media websites. Moreover, all the ongoing campaigns for out-of-stock items, etc. One great way to deal with this is to connect your marketing team with the inventory team. Therefore, they can have open communication about the products and organize the advertising campaigns for the products that are in stock. This will bring in more profit in the long run.

Upsell your stale products

All the businesses have products that they can’t seem to get enough of. Because they are sold very quickly. However, you must have products that do not sell very well. Use this time of global shipping crisis to focus your marketing campaign on these products, in other words, try to upsell them.

Selling the products that you have plenty of in stock will give you more time to restock the bestsellers. Moreover, it is not just about promoting the stale products that will sell them. Try to create bundles with discounts. No one can resist a good discount offer! Moreover, when you hire your shipping agents make sure to check the company’s license. You can never be too careful! Plus, always check the reviews online.

Regularly check your inventory to see what products are out-of-stock

If you are in a hurry ship by air

Now, if all things fail remember that there are other options to ship your cargo. Shipping cargo by ship was way cheaper before, however with the prices getting higher in this global crisis. Shipping your cargo by plane might not be such an expense. Especially if your demand for out-of-stock items is high. Plus, shipments by air are much faster and more reliable compared to ships. Rest assured that your shipment will arrive at your location in a few days. While shipments by ship will arrive in a month or even two, or three months.

Therefore, make sure to hire Kokusai Express Japan and ensure the best possible shipment available in this crisis. Hiring reliable shipment agents and reading this blog will surely help you deal with the shipping crisis in 2022. Good luck!

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