How to Create a Budget for Your International Move

Moving to a foreign country is extremely exciting. Can you imagine living in a completely new culture, speaking the language or brushing up your forgotten language skills, and meeting new people? It must be pretty amazing to be able finally to achieve this dream. However, international relocation is not easy. First of all, it is expensive. Second of all, you should find good overseas shipping companies to take care of your belonging. Therefore, here is how you should create a budget for your international move. 

Create a budget for your international move by defining your goals 

First, you have to do some research. Try to find out as much as you can about your new home. Check the living cost, rental prices, and similar. Additionally, the reason behind your move is important. If you are moving for a job, then you can count on your salary. See how much you will have to pay for healthcare, taxes, accommodation, etc. Then, see if you can live for one month with the remaining money. However, if you are planning to freelance your entire stay, then you need to make a budget for your international relocation. Make a calculation of your monthly expenses. Furthermore, you should see how much you can earn by being a freelancer in a foreign country of your choice. This is quite easy to do since many people like to share their experience of living abroad. Therefore, just search on Google or even on YouTube. 

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Do research about your new country

Moving Expenses 

Your moving expenses will depend on how many items you will bring with you. If you are planning to move a larger number of your belongings, here are all the moving expenses you should expect.  

  • A moving company’s fee – in order to prepare your moving budget properly, ask for moving quotes from KSE moving. 
  • Moving insurance – it would be very wise to get moving insurance for your items 
  • Packing supplies – you can get many for free or even for cheap 
  • Additional services – such as packing services and similar 
  • Shipping container – for your items 
  • A storage unit – in your country for items that will stay behind 

To gather all of these costs, contact your moving company. Ask your movers about all costs so you can start preparing your moving budget on time. 

Create a budget for your international move – Travel costs 

For an international move, most people think about travel costs first and for a good reason. Here are all the costs to consider. 

  • A plane ticket – book your flight well in advance as plane tickets are cheaper if you buy them months in advance 
  • Transporation fees – think about bus fees, train tickets, rental car fees to and from the airport 
  • Accommodations – If you already rented a place in your new country then you will not have a problem. However, if the same place is not ready, try to find affordable hotels or Airbnb 
  • Food – pack snacks for your trip and leave some money to buy food at the airport 
  • Passports and visas – make sure your passport will not expire in the next six months and you have a valid visa and other required documents  
  • Vaccines – see if you need to receive some type of vaccine before you enter the country 
person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger
Gather all the necessary documents

Search for the right neighborhood 

By now, you probably know the importance of a neighborhood. If you have the freedom to choose your new home, start searching for the right neighborhood. Try to find a place near your office or public transportation. This way you can save money on a car or taxi. In addition to this, do not prioritize views and sceneries unless you have a huge budget. You can always move to another place once you adapt to living in your foreign country. It is stressful to live in a completely different culture. For this reason, give yourself time to adapt to a new lifestyle. This is how you can overcome your stress of living aboard. Apart from this, see how the renting process functions in your new country. Sometimes, you will have to provide first and last months’ rent upfront while other times you will have to pay the required credit check. 

Create a budget for your international move – cut your everyday expenses 

Many experts say that you should save up to six months’ worth of your salary when moving internationally. Since this is quite difficult to achieve, you should cut down your everyday expenses. For example, do not go out to eat, skip Starbucks for some time, do not buy new clothes, etc. In addition to this, you should organize a garage sale. Sell all the items you are no longer using. If you do not have time for a garage sale, then list your items on the Internet. Apart from this, research is again very important. If you are moving to Mediterranean countries or the Middle East, you do not have to bring winter clothes with you. Therefore, you can save money on shipping fees as winter clothes is generally heavier than summer clothes. Also, see if it is cheaper to ship items or just to buy new ones.  

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger
Pick the clothes you want to bring

Are you moving with your pet? 

The last aspect to consider when you need to create a budget for your international move – your pet. It is expensive to move with your pet internationally. Every country has different requirements when bringing a pet into their country. For this reason, first, read if you are even allowed to bring your pet. Then, visit your vet to check the overall condition of your pet. Maybe they will prescribe some medication. Make sure to buy those before the travel. Get all the necessary papers such as up-to-date on vaccines, license and registration fees. Then, make travel arrangements for your pet. See if they will need to spend some time in quarantine when they first get there. Do not forget about food, water, toys, and similar items.

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