How to compare moving estimates in Japan

It is not easy to compare moving estimates in Japan for many reasons. Moving to Japan costs a little more than other relocations. It presumes traveling overseas, packing, and especially protecting items. Also, you must rely on a professional moving company with experience in this field. Choose Kokusai Express Japan, and you will make a good decision. When it comes to the costs, many things affect the final price. You need to calculate them carefully and make your price list.

Compare moving estimates in Japan

There are plenty of factors that affect the price of relocating and the services moving companies provide. When comparing moving estimates in Japan, there are a few things to consider. We recommend you start from the elements that affect the cost and then cover the rest.

You will easily prepare for moving if you compare moving estimates in Japan.

Compare sites and offers

The easiest way to compare moving estimates is to gather contact details from the company’s official website. It is easy to navigate reputable companies websites. You should be able to find all information easily on their site, including their licenses. Also, it should be easy to find reviews and, therefore, determine the quality of their job. Finally, companies offer free moving estimates. Do not bother with moving companies with complicated websites that are too hard to navigate, making finding their service almost impossible.

The time of the year is crucial

Some months are crowdy because many Japanese are moving on those days. Because of this, domestic movers Japan has can increase their prices these days. However, there’s no need to worry about this. You will see that there are months when the price is relatively low, thus making the whole experience affordable. In months when not many people are moving around the country, many moving companies lower the prices for their customers.

A sight you might see if you decide to move to Japan, however, first, remember to compare moving estimates in Japan
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Avoid the most expensive seasons

When most company transfers happen, March and April are the most expensive periods to move to Japan. People are moving their offices and homes during these months, so it could be crowded. For the same reasons, you should avoid July and August, too. Japanese usually take their summer vacations during these months, and some choose to move on these days, too. During this time, getting the perfect moving service Japan companies offer at an affordable price could be fairly difficult. The Golden Week is the final period when you should expect a crowd on the roads.

The cheapest months

There are the cheapest months for moving in Japan, like June. Right after the peak moving season, the rainy season starts. Many Japanese people avoid traveling during that month. Companies recommend avoiding July, though, because that’s the start of another busy season. Instead, it’s recommended you make a plan with the moving company for moving to Japan during October and November. The weather can be dreary for some people in some parts of Japan. However, it might just be the time of the year when moving is the most affordable.

The time of the week and day are important

You should not choose only the time of the year for moving if you want to decrease costs—the time of the week and the time of day matter. Busy periods are more expensive than the cheaper ones, so choose the moving day carefully. It will affect the price the most. It is crucial not to use workers for too long and save money on a daily wage. Therefore, you should choose to move on days when it is not crowdy.

Time of the week

You should choose the least busy part of the week for moving. Most people use weekends for moving when they have free time. It is the reason why the biggest crowd is on Fridays. They also use the weekend to unpack their things and settle into new homes. Companies recommend moving on Monday when only a few people relocate. You can deal with your moving company and lower your moving costs. It is a great moment to take advantage of a video moving estimate Japan companies offer and compare moving estimates in Japan.

Time of the day

Most of the movers recommend organizing the move before noon. People are anxious to get to their new homes, and most activities will end by 2 or 3 am. Because of this, many moving companies will do all they can to finish the job in the few more hours left.  This could be an excellent advantage for you. Talk to the moving company and try to lower their moving costs when moving after 3 in the afternoon. They would gladly organize this process, so both sides are satisfied.

You can negotiate with the company, too

There are no ways to precisely calculate how much your move will take. Only the moving company can tell you the precise number, so use their help to calculate your moving costs. You can negotiate lower prices by constantly communicating with the moving company representative. Ask them many questions. You can also use online moving calculators if they are reliable on the site. There is a whole psychology of negotiating which is why people love this discipline.

You can ask for free moving estimates.

Have multiple estimates

Getting multiple companies to do an on-site estimate can help you to compare moving estimates properly. You will see how moving costs vary and make your decision based on that.

  • You can see if one of the moving companies asks for more money than the others;
  • You can inquire about their service or see which moving company charges less money for the same move;
  • Stay clear of companies offering a significantly lower price for the move, as this could signal fraud.

The final price depends on many factors

No one can tell you how much your particular move will cost until people from the moving company visit your house and see your items. That’s why you should consider many details and factors to compare moving estimates in Japan properly. Also, as there are always some unexpected fees and charges, be prepared for additional costs. Regardless, know that only with a good moving company will you be able to save money and time.

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