How to compare moving companies?

When you are moving, you should find a moving company. It is difficult to organize a move by yourself, especially if you do not have time or skills. Professional movers have both. For this reason, make your move less stressful by hiring movers. However, a search for a moving company is not simple. You should not hire the first company you find, but rather, take some time and think about your options. It would be wise to compare moving companies, so you can hire the best one for your moving situation. How to compare them? Keep reading to find out.  

Where to find a moving company? 

Before you can compare moving companies, you should know where to find them. You have several options.  

  • Ask your friends and family – the most reliable source for finding a moving company. Your friends and family would not recommend a fraudulent company, but one that is reputable.  
  • Use social media – use your social media accounts to find a moving company. You can make a post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe some of your online friends can give some recommendations.  
  • Search on the Internet – not the most reliable choice but when you do not have other choices, it is good enough. Search for moving companies adding services that you need, for example, exhibition cargo. Make sure you find three to five moving companies that fit your needs.  
  • Local newspapers – smaller moving companies advertise their services in local media. Buy a copy of your local newspapers and see what they offer.  
person writting on a piece of paper
Write down potential moving companies so you can compare them

Only compare moving companies that are reputable 

How to decide if one moving company is reputable or not? Again, you should do some research. First, read moving reviews. Visit Yelp or similar websites and look up your moving companies. Pay attention to the overall ratings a company has. Then, pick a few moving reviews. Try to read reviews that have 3-stars or 4-stars ratings. These reviews usually focus both on the positive and negative aspects of a moving company. In addition to this, try finding reviews that mention the services you need. For example, reviews talking about project cargo, international moving, and similar. Next, you should check if moving companies have a proper license. These licenses are decided by the state of a moving company. Therefore, based on your country’s regulations, see if your moving companies have one. This is also a good way to compare moving companies. Fraudulent movers will have negative reviews and no license.  

Compare movers’ websites 

Now it is time to contact moving companies. Visit their official websites to gather their contact details. You can compare movers based on their websites as well. Reputable companies usually have websites that are easy to navigate. What is meant by easy to navigate? First, see if you can find their contact information easily. Then, look for their accreditations. Most movers would gladly post their license right at the home page. This way, they are telling to potential customers that they are trustworthy. In addition to this, see if you can find reviews on their websites. Movers like to share past customers’ experience. This serves as a statement of their quality services. Then, see if you can find a page with moving quotes. Some movers offer free online estimates. If a website is hard to navigate and you cannot their services anywhere, do not bother with that moving company. 

person typing on a lap top
Make sure to visit official websites of moving companies

Compare moving companies based on their estimates 

Online estimates are a good start. However, they should not be the only estimate you receive. You should ask for an in-house estimate. If a certain moving company is only insisting on an online estimate, erase it from your list. When movers come to do the estimate, pay attention to their work. Are they paying attention to details? Then, ask them questions. If they seem unsure or they are avoiding questions, start to be suspicious. When you receive estimates, compare them. Usually, movers charge the same moving services within a similar price range. If one estimate is drastically lower, do not hire those movers. Fraudulent moving companies would usually offer much lower estimates only to add hidden fees later. You will end up paying much more than you hoped for.  

See their moving services 

There is more to comparing moving quotes and estimates. It is important to take a look at moving services as well. Even though the final price is a priority to every customer, they should pay attention to how that price is formed. For example, do you want to use only moving services or add more to your bill? Then, see how much movers charge for their packing services, disassembling services, packing supplies, etc. Some movers might offer a better deal when combing more services. In addition to this, pay attention to their written estimates. Movers should give you a copy of a moving estimate. All the services should be listed there as well as their price. Do not sign any incomplete bill of lading. This way, movers can add some services, thus raising your final price.  

a man carrying a box
See if you want to add packing services to your bill

Compare moving companies – the final things to look at 

Here are the final things to pay attention to when comparing moving companies. 


See if movers have their own truck, business cards, business email, uniforms, proper moving equipment. Hiring a professional means reducing stress caused by moving. Do not add unnecessary stress to your life by hiring fraudulent movers. 

Pay attention to the details 

Small details are also important when comparing movers. See if they are responsive during the first contact. Are they polite and professional? Do they provide answers to your questions? Are they willing to negotiate? Is their price reasonable? Do movers offer insurance? 

Trust your instincts 

Sometimes, you just have to trust yourself. If your instincts tell you to hire one moving company, do it. In most cases, your instinct never lies.  

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