How to calculate the full cost of your international relocation?

Before calculate the full cost of your international relocation, ask yourself what will be the most expensive part of your international move. For most people, international moving is tariffing more than exciting and interesting. Taking in mind all you need to organize before moving could be seriously tough and even more difficult knowing that there are so many other things that you should know. For those reasons, you will need to cooperate with professionals in Kokusai Express Japan, where they will tell you all you need to know and how to prepare. Make sure that you have organized all following their pieces of advice.

Calculate the full cost of your international relocation

You should be able to estimate the costs of moving before organizing it, but most people are afraid of mistakes. It is possible to forget all details, especially if you are not experienced in this, but it is one reason to hire a good and professional moving company. In that case, do not be sorry to pay for professional services.

calculate the full cost of your international relocation

Choose right transportation

If you want to calculate the full cost of your international relocation, you need to make decisions before making a plan. They presume services that you will use to travel shortly and comfortably. In this case, though, you will need to choose transportation that will be fast enough for you and also very professional and safe. However, each type of transportation has different prices, which you should inform about before making a calculation. International movers Japan will surely recommend the best option for you and calculate which option is cheaper.

  • You can use sea freight for your international moving, but it is the most expensive option;
  • The cheapest option is moving by road if it is possible;
  • If you want to calculate the full cost of your international relocation, consider all the above.

Know the size and amount of packages

Like in any other transportation, companies would need to know how many packages you have planned to take with you. It will help calculate the full cost of your international relocation and prepare for the transport. Overseas moving companies usually have a system that helps them to make calculations easier. There are differences if you take a simple packing material or pallets. Also, they will recommend you the best way to ship your items, following safety procedures and prices.

Choose right services

Sometimes having too many services could be ineffective and too expensive. It would be better if you use packing services in Japan for the right purposes, in companies that are supportive and professional. Maybe you will need to use warehouse Japan to put away items that you will not take with you. You can pack items alone, too, but it is questionable if they are safe and well-protected for the international move. On the other hand, you can choose from the long list of services that professional companies offer, and the final costs will depend on the number of services you have used.

Taxes and fees

People often forget about the taxes, Japan visa, and other fees when organizing international moving. Although it should be easy to make this process faster, the price could vary according to the taxes that companies and countries charge. If you want to calculate the full cost of your international relocation precisely, you will need to inform about these details properly. There are chances to save money if you use good services and combinations of them.

You will need to calculate the cost of shipping before starting


Every company will recommend you use insurance when organizing international moving, and they are right in this case. It is impossible to protect items during transportation, even in local moving. Companies are much more confident if you use the insurance that covers damages or losses during moving and other countries. Do not take it as too high a cost; you will save a lot of money if something unexpected happens.

Other details that affect the price

Many conditions and details define the price of moving. In some cases, people forget about them and take in mind only visible and most used services. However, you should be able to control the costs by having these details in mind, too.

You can calculate the full cost of your international relocation alone

If you are not sure how much moving could cost, you should not have trouble calculating the full cost of your international relocation. Companies have great options on their sites, which could help you in this case. You can use a free calculator or calculate cost alone with common prices in this field. Companies will not give you the final price of the move, mostly because of the unexpected costs and additional services that you may ask for.

Take the destination in mind

You can be sure that you will pay a higher price as long you travel. It is not easy to calculate costs in that case, though. Some destinations companies consider widely popular where it is easier and cheaper to organize transportation. On the other hand, you will pay more if you move to distant locations. In those cases, it is not easy to calculate the full cost of your international relocation, so you should talk with the company before starting. In some cases, you will travel longer but pay less if you use organized transportation.


Moving internationally is not easy and fast. Many people use services that help them pack and keep items safe during moving. If you use storage services, you will need to calculate its costs when organizing moving. Companies also offer great options for different occasions and types of usage. You can choose between public, private, and international storage, so you can easily pack your items. All of them have different prices, so make sure you have calculated the costs properly.

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It is easy to save money when calculating the costs on time

Details that make the difference

If you are still not sure how to calculate the full cost of your international relocation, rely on the company. Although they cannot tell you the final costs, they can help calculate. In those cases, take additional conditions in mind if want to calculate the full cost of your international relocation.

Pet transportation

Pet moving is not easy for many reasons, but mostly because of the rules and legislation that are worth in this field. You will need to prepare them for transport and have all the necessary allowances and documents. Those services could be very expensive, so professionals advise to have special calculations. It could be useful if you want to calculate the full cost of your international relocation.


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