How to calculate the cost of your overseas move?

Moving to another country can be very exciting! It can also be an anxious experience if you are not too familiar with the people or the customs of where you’re going, but if you do some research or ask around, you will be so excited about this new chapter in your life. Different moves have different rules. Moving to a different city is very different from moving to a new country, but moving overseas is quite different than any other move. You will not be able to just run back home if something goes south, so let’s see how to prepare you well. What you’re probably worried about most is the cost of all this. Together we will take a look and give you insight on how to calculate the cost of your overseas move!

Key points for understanding how to calculate the cost of your overseas move

Movers will be your best friends in this overseas move. They will load your stuff into containers and move it overseas. Of course, there are a few other things that need to be moved, such as vehicles, that you can request services for. You will want to cover the insurance as well. Let’s make you a short list of costs that you should have in mind. If you would like to get an actual quote, you can check out Kokusai Express Japan and gather more information. So, let’s see what you need to think about:

  • Professional movers and packing
  • Sea Freight
  • Customers clearance
  • International removals
  • Delivering your belongings to your new home overseas

    A couple calculating their overseas move
    Wondering how to calculate the cost of your overseas move and feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. Have your partner or friend help you with it.

These are some of the basic points when it comes to overseas moving. Combining all these factors will help you figure out how to calculate the cost of your overseas move. This covers pretty much all your stuff, no matter if you’re shipping very large items or small ones.

What else do you need to keep in mind?

If you talk to other people who have moved overseas, they can help you get a clearer picture of the process. However, other people can’t really tell you the exact cost of your personal move since it’s very individual. You might have way more or way fewer boxes than the other person, therefore their cost of moving overseas is not as relevant to you. You need to get an estimate for your own move and overseas moving companies can help you with that.

Taking this move seriously is a must. However, the amount of work you have to put into this is much smaller than what movers doing for you. This is because moving companies have advanced so much and made it feel so smooth to move to even the other side of the world. International Movers Japan would definitely be a good choice if you want to feel relaxed about your move and have a team of professionals takes care of it for you.

Cargo ship at the pier
Moving overseas is way more complicated than we usually think. That’s because good moving companies organize it to the smallest detail.

Other than moving, there are some other things that you need to know before moving overseas. Make sure you have all of this covered before you get on that plane. It’s good to do as much research as possible and lower the risk of culture shock or feeling like an outsider.

Once you’ve learned how to calculate the cost of your overseas move and get yourself ready for a new, different but exciting environment, you’re ready to start this new chapter of your life. Enjoy it as much as possible!


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