How To Calculate Freight Forwarding Rates?

It is not difficult to calculate freight forwarding rates when understanding how this type of transportation works. Airfreight forwarders usually have a list of prices and easily calculate rough costs of shipping. However, it should not be difficult when you have standard prices and services. In case you have special demands and needs, you should rely on their help.

For most people, freight forwarding is too expensive. It could be the truth but in most types of business irreplaceable service. Even when the price is too high for the average client, there are a lot of ways to avoid high costs. You should make a plan and organize transportation to save money whenever it is possible. Hiring a good moving company is also a good plan.

There are a lot of easy ways to calculate shipping costs

Basic costs that you should take in mind if want to calculate freight forwarding rates

If you need to have a good service for affordable prices, you should rely on a professional company. They will calculate costs and offer discounts whenever it is possible. However, the most important is to learn the basic costs that you may have in this situation. Some of them are well-known to any person, not only for companies.

  • Size is very important if you need to calculate freight forwarding rates – like in any other transportation, you will need to calculate how much you will pay for a package of this size;
  • Weight, like the size, is one of the most important items that companies use when calculating freight forwarding rates;
  • When companies want to charge you the final price they use destination in mind – it makes the price higher for long-distance;
  • Do not forget that types of goods are important too – they will choose to charge a higher price if you need to transport specific items;
  • For most companies, international freight forwarding is much more expensive in some parts of the year like holidays because of the crowd and high demands.

Cargo type

Maybe is not always fair, but the type of goods significantly increases the price of shipping. It mostly depends on the specific items that you will transport. On that list, you should include perishable, oversized, and hazardous items. It is for sure that Kokusai Express Moving will find the most affordable offer for you.

Weight and volume

Companies usually have standardized prices for packages. So, even if you have items that are not on their lists, they will pack to adjust to them. However, international movers Japan will answer every problem, question, or demand you have. Do not hesitate to make a good plan for packing with them. The company must calculate how much space you will take and make a precise plan of shipping on that way.

Packing or palletization

Palletization is more expensive than packing. Sometimes it is required and the company will organize it for standardized prices. Since they need to have special vehicles for transport and more workers, pallets always cost more. On the other hand, they are safer. For most of the companies, packing is only for small and not many valuable items.

Carrier costs

It is for sure that the company should charge you costs for the carrier. They will not avoid to charge it, though. Two conditions affect the price. The first one is distance while the other is route popularity. They will charge more for destinations that are more popular and crowded.

You should learn standard sizes of containers for shipping


You know that you will need to have documents when organizing transportation. The company will help you in that job since there are few situations when only they could help you. Do not forget that company has skilled professionals that will help you to do this job faster. Most important, they will simplify the process. Good enough to pay them more for that service.

Special costs that companies add when calculate freight forwarding rates

There are a lot of services that are not offered in the standard package. Clients choose them in cases when they need to transport specific goods. You will need to pay an additional price for them. If you need to calculate how much you will need to pay, ask the company to make you a price list.

Container costs

Companies usually use two sizes of containers. The first one is a smaller, 20-foot equivalent model, the so-called TEU model. The second one is a larger, 40-foot equivalent also called FEU. Both are planned to be used in shipping for certain prices. Although there are many other things that you should have in mind when calculating costs, size is most important.

Administration charge

It is for sure that the company will help you in resolving paperwork and collecting all documents you will need for this. However, the best part is that companies have made this process the easiest they could. Thanks to the nine-paper organization, only that number of documents is needed for freight shipping.

Additional costs included when you make calculate freight forwarding rates

There are situations when you need to use something that companies do not have in the standard offer. On the other hand, most of the services they will not include in their offer at the beginning. However, you will need to pay for them later, when the job is finished. The problem is when people do not calculate those costs and do not count on them at all.

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Research well how to calculate shipping costs


There are a lot of situations when you will need to pay insurance to prevent problems with shipping and transporting. When it comes to freight forwarding, companies recommend paying the insurance. Not only that you will protect yourself from high costs, but also the company is forced to perform the job better. Knowing that their mistakes will be charged, workers work better and more carefully.

Additional fees

There are a lot of small and additional fees that many people are not aware of. For example, many companies when to calculate freight forwarding rates include Currency Adjustment Factor. It means that they include fluctuations in the market and changes in currencies in different countries. They protect themselves from higher costs later on that way.


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