How to buy a home in Japan during coronavirus

Are you planning on buying a home in Japan soon? It might seem impossible to buy a home in Japan during coronavirus. On the contrary, as you may be aware, the real estate market has profited. While many others have gone down, out of business, or encountered hardships – the real estate market is on up and up. With many people buying homes that are away from the city, many moving companies have profited too. While overseas shipping companies didn’t have a lot of work, there are still some people who recognize the opportunity to invest in real estate or make their lives better in the future. To find out more about how to buy a home in Japan during coronavirus, keep on reading!

buy a home in Japan during coronavirus
To buy a home in Japan during coronavirus, be clear about what you want.

Know what you want before you buy a home in Japan during coronavirus

While you might feel confident in the fact that the property or a building’s price will rise with time. Maybe you want to live in a home that you purchase, or maybe you just want to seize the opportunity. Whatever the case, you’ll have to think about it very hard before you commit to buying your home. When you’re relocating, you’ll have several expenses, including transport of big items – that’s when project cargo can help you relocate. That’s just one of the numerous expenses that follow life after the purchase, which is why you should approach it with great care. It doesn’t mean that you should feel repelled by it, only that you may need to take some more time to think. When you purchase exactly what you want, even if the stock price goes down, you’ll feel contempt. Moreover, knowing what you want will make your negotiations easier. In the end, you won’t waste time on the homes that really aren’t for you.

To buy a home in Japan during coronavirus, know the basics

Inform yourself about the legal part of the home buying process. When you’re armed with the facts, you have less chance to fall into some of the seller’s traps.

What to expect when want to buy a home in Japan during coronavirus:

  • You’ll need to go to see several homes and find the perfect one. You can do that by browsing ads, or hiring a real estate agency. After you’ve decided that you want one of them, you’ll need to get into the process of buying it.
  • When you decide that you like a certain home, it’s time to let the owner know that you’re interested. Make an offer and see what their reaction is.
  • There may be more people interested in the home. And the choice of who gets it might depend on a few things. Firstly, the seller may choose the one that offers the higher price, or they may hold a lottery.
  • After you get a green light from the seller, you’ll need to sign a contract. Don’t forget to take your time and examine it carefully. You don’t want any hidden costs or serious legal consequences. It would also be wise to take the contract to the lawyer.
a lawyer
You’ll need to a reliable lawyer who will help you with numerous contracts and strategies.

Additional things to pay attention to

  • Sometimes you’ll go to the bank to inquire about the mortgage and how big of a one you can have. It will help you pay off the home, but it will usually need to be thought about in advance. That being said, it’s good to check where you are financially before you start looking at homes. You may fall in love with one, only to find out it’s just outside of your financial limits. Know your strengths and weaknesses!
  • After you sign a contract, you should also submit your commission fee. That way, you’ve secured the home. Congratulations!
  • In the end, the only thing that’s left to do is to transfer ownership from the seller to you.

Things to keep in mind when you want to buy a home in Japan

First of all, you want to think about the cost of moving to Japan. You’ll need a quality moving company like Kokusai Express Japan that can handle the international relocation. Additionally, it may be harder to get a mortgage if you’re applying for it in Japan. To be eligible for a mortgage in Japan, you’ll need to be a permanent resident, or to have a spouse that has a permanent residence. In addition, you need to be between 20 and 65 years old, to pay off everything before you turn 80, and to have a full-time job for more than two years. There’s also a certain amount of money that you’ll have to have earned during that time, but you can research that based on your current marital and financial situation. It’s very important to double-check that information since they can differ from bank to bank. If you’re not a Japanese resident, then you’ll have to speak to the bank in your home state.

notepad with taxes
Taxes pose a significant cost. Make sure not to overlook them.

Don’t overlook Japanese taxes

There are several taxes that you’ll have to pay after you buy a home in Japan during coronavirus. The virus itself may cause some banks to offer different types of loans, or to make getting the mortgage harder. That’s because people are at greater risk of losing jobs right now. The taxes that you’ll have to pay include the stamp tax, which depends on the house price, the registration and license taxes, as well as brokerage fee. In the end, depending on the way you bought your home, you’ll need to pay real-estate acquisition tax, which can go up to 4% of the price of the home. If you want to calculate your potential fees, keep in mind that brokerage fee is differently calculated, and research it well. In the end, don’t rush into buying a home.

Japan has a lot to offer, and it’s worth taking time to deeply look into it and wait for the right home. When you decide to relocate, or you need help with transporting some of the items internationally – we’re there for you. You too can have the move and a home of your dreams!


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