How To Adjust To A Bigger Household In Japan

People think that everybody will easily adjust to a bigger household, but it is not that easy. You should learn how to adapt your furniture, lifestyle, and family to new circumstances. The only you can be relaxed with is by relocating the stuff. If you hire Kokusai Express Moving, you will not have any problem at all. However, there are many other things that you should prepare for.

For many people living in a new home means changes in every detail. Most likely, you will change the address and neighbor, but your previous life should not be different. There are a lot of ways to keep the same habits and live as you have lived before. The only you should know is that you will have problems adapting to the new circumstances, no matter how large or small new apartment is.

A large house
One of the first things that will change in a larger house are bills

Why is important to adjust to a bigger household

For many people living in a new and large apartment could be only a good thing. There are no problems in any circumstance and you can adapt to the new situation easily. However, you will see that it is not that easy as you may think. You should learn to change the lifestyle and adapt to the new situation at your home. Also, your family may have problems in adaptation at first.

  • You will have more stuff in new home because it is easy to buy them when moving from the old smaller house – it is why cargo export exist after all;
  • The first you should adapt to is higher costs than you have planned at first – for electricity, the renting, and cleaning;
  • Organize your home differently to avoid mess and piles of stuff in the center of the living room;
  • Cleaning will be a nightmare for you after moving into this house – you will lose much more time on cleaning than before;
  • Take your time to adjust to a bigger household – it will be harder than you expect.

The small house is hard to find

If you live in Japan, you surely know that living in a large house is not possible. It is very hard to find a home that is large enough to compare with houses in the US or Europe. Japan is known to micro-apartments. So, when you manage to find a large home, you should make your effort to adapt to it. If you have problems with your old furniture, overseas shipping companies will help you to bring it to Japan.

The neighbor is important here, too

No matter how great your apartment is, a good neighbor will always matter. Do not allow the bad people in your neighbor to make your relocating to Japan badly. You should investigate people there and try to make the first contact with them as soon as possible.

A large house allows having a roommate

Having a large house could be a great way to earn money or share your monthly costs. If you do not have a family, you can find a roommate to share an apartment with you. It also could mean problems in adaptation and changes in living. On the other hand, it is always good to have a friend when you are new to the city.

Location matters, too

People tend to forget that location is always important for a new apartment, especially when you move to a larger apartment. However, it is worthless to have a great house if you must travel to work for more than an hour every day. So, research the location well and make a comparison between prices.

Large room
Living in large houses could deceive you to not pack things properly

You can adjust to a bigger household but there are disadvantages

It is great to live in a large house, but it is not always a good thing. For many people, it could turn into a nightmare. The reason is difficulties in adapting to new home. No matter how great it is. However, there are reasons to believe that living in a larger home than before could be hard. Larger home presumes changes which are not always good, so you should prepare for them.

Finances will change

Starting from the price of the larger house and apartment, you will spend much more money monthly than before. The larger apartment will spend much more electricity and you will need to pay for cleaning. So, do not jump into this adventure before calculating the costs.

You will need help with cleaning

You always can hire a person to help you with cleaning. However, when having a large apartment, you maybe will not be able to calculate. It is hard to maintain the house without professional help. So, count on that cost and possible problems in finding the right person for it.

Organize your life to adjust to a bigger household

Although we believe that living in a larger home could be great and much better than living in a small one, it is not that simple. If you do not organize a home at the beginning, you may have a serious problem after a while. You may feel relaxed with spare space you suddenly have, which will deceive you to put things whenever you like without order. It leads to the true mess in your home.

Buy only a practical furniture

You may feel free to put in your large house whatever you want. On that way, you will easily make a mess for a short period. Do not relax when starting with living in your new home. It is much better to make an order from the beginning. Practical furniture will make the whole job easier, too.

Living room
Larger living rooms could be a great place to gather family

Make a base for the family

When moving to the larger home, your family could feel a little lonely. Seriously, new house could be too large to gather family members in one place. So, do not wait for losing the family connection, make a room for your family as the center in the house just for them. It could be a living room, but also a special space made for it. On that way, they will adjust to a bigger household easily.


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