How many pallets fit on a truck

In the recent past, pallets have become very popular. And not only for the main purpose they have. There are many ways you can actually use pallets, and some of them are pretty creative. For instance, you can use pallets to craft a home or garden furniture. Or to make a wooden fence. Not to mention that you can use old pallets as a fuel for barbecue and heating. Generally speaking, pallets are a very versatile piece of equipment. And they are your best ally when you want to transport your project cargo or pack a lot of your product. And here we will help you realize how many pallets fit on a truck. This will be very handy if you are planning to minimize transportation costs.

Few words about pallets

The first thing you need to know is that there are many different types of pallets. In the past few years, people recognized that this product is very handy for transportation and packing. And that is exactly why they started developing and improving pallets to fit their own needs. That is why, today, we have pallets made of:

This way, pallets can be used in every industry, and for packing and transporting items in any conditions. For instance, for the transportation of liquids and things that can spill, wooden pallets are not the best solution. And that is where plastic pallets are the best, as water can’t do any damage to them. But, as these pallets are a bit more expensive, for the transportation of things that are not heavy or delicate, even cardboard pallets can do the job.

blue pallets
There are many different types of pallets

It depends on several sizes how many pallets fit on a truck

Answer to the question of how many pallets fit on a truck is not simple nor unique. There are many factors you need to include before you can actually calculate this figure. For instance, if you contact a Third Party Logistics company, they will ask you a set of questions before they give you the first offer. And why is that? Well, simply because there are many things they need to know and to include in the quote.

That is exactly why you need to be prepared and have all of these answers ready. The first thing you need to calculate is the size of your load. Even better if you already know which type and how many pallets you are going to need. For instance, one truck can load let’s say 30 pallets on the trailer’s ground. Now, if the size and type of your load can allow stacking pallets, then the same truck can fit 60 or even 90 pallets (30 pallets down, 30 in the middle, and the rest to the roof). But, if you can’t stack pallets due to the fragile content then the same truck will be able to fit only 30 pallets.

forklift with pallets
Make sure you know the size of the load

The same applies when it comes to the point where you want to manage warehouse inventory. If you are using pallets for storing, then you need to ask yourself how many pallets will fit on the shelf. As you can see, it is very important to plan this ahead. Not only you will be able to find the best fitting solution in no time, but you will not lose precious time for dealing with other tasks.

How many pallets fit on a truck?

Let’s talk about the figures a bit. Here we will see some numbers that are presenting the number of how many most common pallets fit on most common truck types. But, before we do that, let’s see which types of pallets there are. There are three most common types of pallets:

  • Flush – this type of pallet does not have any loose ends.
  • The single – upper side of this pallet is wider than the bottom.
  • Double – bottom side is wider than the upper but wider than the base
differnet pallets
Not all pallets are the same

Here, we will talk about flush pallets, as they are the most fitting for truck transportation. In a  nutshell, most trucks can fit somewhere between 26-30 pallets. This is when we speaking about truck floor load size. Remember that, in some cases, we can double, or even triple this figure.

Important to realize is that this range is because of the way pallets are placed in the truck. For instance, if you are using 2-way pallets, then you can use forklift only on one side of the pallet. And that is where you can’t choose how pallets will be placed. On the other hand, if you are using 4-way pallets, the forklift can approach on each side and you can turn pallets as you want. And that is where you can find the best fitting pattern for placing pallets in order to utilize the whole truck.

Make sure you do your homework

As you can see, there is no simple answer to the question of how many pallets fit on a truck. To come to this figure, you will need to put everything on the paper and make the calculation. The best way to do this is if you make a simple sketch. Not only you will be able to easily count the number of pallets that will fit the certain truck, but you can make several options and find the best possible pattern. And that can save you money. How? Well, the more pallets you fit per truck, the fewer trucks you are going to need. Just remember to do everything in your power to prevent package theft. If you fit pallets the way the door can’t lock, then your belongings are in danger. This is something you need to think about as well.

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