How long is long-term storage?

People decide to use storage spaces for different reasons. Whether they are moving, they need a temporary solution while renovating or they are traveling for an extended period, storage units can come in handy. Some people even use storage units when they don’t have any more space in their closets and garages. Other people use storage spaces to store the items they rotate by season. As you can see, there is a variety of reasons one may need a storage solution. Regardless of the reason, you should always rely on the best warehouse Japan has to offer. If you aren’t sure what type of storage you need and how long is long-term storage exactly, keep reading to discover what’s the best solution for you.

How long is long-term storage vs. short-term

There is a big difference between these two storage solutions. Before you decide which option to use, you need to understand the differences. The period of storage is the obvious distinction. Generally speaking, short-term storage is considered as anything less than three months. How long is long-term storage, you may wonder. Long-term storage means you will be storing your belongings for a prolonged period of time. Again, generally speaking, it’s defined as a period longer than three months. Neither option is superior. The only thing you need to consider is what you specifically need storage for. Each solution has its own pros and cons, along with rules for storing.

Woman surrounded with boxes
Long-term storage means storing items for longer than three months.

Short-term storage

If you are a college student in between semesters, you’re relocating, your business is moving to a new location, short-term storage can be the perfect solution for you. With short-term storage, people usually make frequent trips to and from storage units. When packing for storage, don’t forget to consider extreme temperatures, either cold or hot. Some of your possessions, like some electronics, might need a climate-controlled storage unit, even for short-term storage.

Long-term storage

Those who choose to use storage units for a prolonged amount of time do so for many reasons. As we mentioned before, people often use it as added space in order not to clutter their closets at home. That way, they have an accessible place to store seasonal items throughout the year and get them when they need them. Others choose long-term storage solutions so they can have the freedom to travel for a long vacation. Whatever the reason, long-term storage requires detailed planning and organizing. The temperature needs to be considered, the same as with short-term storage. But, there are other factors you need to think about as well in order to choose the best solution.

The advantages of long-term storage

There are many advantages of long-term storage. Before you commit to it, here’s what you’ll gain with long-term storage:

  • Security. Whether you’re at home a couple of kilometers from the storage space, or on another continent, you’ll be relaxed knowing that your belongings are safely packed and locked away. For an added layer of safety, explore all your insurance options, even from third-party companies.
  • Convenience. Whenever you decide to grab something from the storage space, if you organized the space inside well, you can get it easily.
  • Saving space and decluttering your home. Place all the things you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have the space for at home, in a storage unit.
  • A safe place for your valuables. Long-term storage spaces are a great place for your valuable items, just remember to pack them properly in order to avoid any damage.
Valuable electronics like the camera in the photo can be safely packed and placed in a long-term storage
You can store valuable electronics for longer periods of time, just remember to pack them properly.

Preparing items for storage

Storage comes at a certain cost and not all your old items are worth that cost. Therefore, sort your belongings before you start looking for storage space. Only the items that will be useful again, high quality-products, valuables, and items that have sentimental value are worth the cost. Make a list of items you’ll be storing, it will help you choose the right storage space.

Find the best long-term storage for you

When you need to store items for a longer period of time, you have to be able to rely on the company you use. Imagine not knowing if you’re belongings are safe while you’re half a world away, for example. So, the first step is to find a dependable and reputable company that offers long-term storage solutions, like Kokusai Express Japan. Do your research, check all available companies’ websites, compare the prices and make your decision. Your primary task then is to find an appropriate storage unit that best fits your needs. This includes considering the location of the unit, its size, whether it’s climate-controlled, and such. Ask your chosen company for advice if you’re not sure what is the best choice for you.

How to pack properly

Packing properly is essential when it comes to long-term storage. Start by getting thick and sturdy boxes. if you can get some used boxes, it’s best to get new ones. They are more durable and your items will be safer. Avoid plastic bags when packing for storage. They retain moisture, which helps mold and mildew develop over time and that’s the last thing you need. However, you can use plastic boxes and tubs, as they are very durable and can even be reused many times over. Choose sturdy cardboard or plastic boxes of similar size that can be stacked together. An added plus is that it will be easier to optimize the space in storage. Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes. Use bubble wrap or old towels to fill in the gaps in the boxes. Label the boxes! Don’t forget to carefully clean all your appliances before storing them.

If you use sturdy boxes like the one in the photo, it doesn't matter how long is long-term storage
Never leave empty spaces in the box in order to avoid damaging the items inside.

How long is long-term storage, you ask? It’s however long you need, assuming it’s longer than three months. Follow the tips and tricks for choosing a storage facility and proper packing we mentioned and you’ll make the best of your storage solution.

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