How long does it take to move overseas?

Have you thought of moving to another country? Are you wondering how long does it take to move overseas? Well, since moving is considered to be one of the hardest things for a person, it’s not easy, especially overseas. Moving requires commitment, strong will, and determination. Look at it as a new chapter in your life. Chance for something unexplored and new. Also, you can if you do it properly it doesn’t have to be so bad. Try to have as much fun as you can while relocating. Rather than talking about how long does it take, we’re going to walk you through the process so you can determine it on your own.

Start planning months before

When talking about moving, the first thing we need to talk bout is the plan. It’s the most crucial part of it. First things first, you need to start on time, because this can be a pretty lengthy process. Invest as much time as you need into making a well-thought plan along with a precise timeline schedule. This is also good for your mental. It will keep you focused and on track. Also, by ticking every task on the list, you will be able to see the progress you’re making. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can always hire professional movers! They are going to take care of everything for you so you can have peace of mind.

planning and calculating how long does it take to move overseas
It’s crucial to make a good plan before the move!

Research these things in advance

When we’re talking about how long does it take to move overseas, you must know that preparing for relocation doesn’t start when movers come to your house. It starts way before that. You want to start on time so you can do deep research on everything that’s important to you and your life in the place you’re moving to. The first thing you should consider is the neighborhood you’re going to live in. The good thing is that you can join online communities or groups and ask locals whatever you want to know. Another thing you want to research is the school that your kids are going to attend. Following, make sure to check about job positions for you. Finally, don’t forget to look for overseas shipping companies. You need to find a reliable one in order for everything to go without problems.

Passports and visas

If you don’t start on time, you might run late since this process takes a long time. If you are moving in a hurry, pay extra attention to this. Check to see whether you need to renew your passport. The last thing you want to happen is to come to the customs just for them to tell you that it has expired. Besides this, you also need to worry about visas. We’re going to list a few steps you need to take so you can get the visa.

  • Check if you need Visa
  • Choose the certain type you’re applying for
  • Fill the application
  • Pay the application fee
  • Schedule the Visa interview
  • Wait for the results

    passports on the map
    Check your passport to see if it’s expired.

Start decluttering and packing

Since the moving day is closer, you want to take time with decluttering your home. Before you start packing, you want to get the right packing supplies. This way, you’re going to protect all the items you’re bringing with you. Go through all of your belongings and filter what you need and what you don’t need. Pack things you need and you can donate the others. Also, when talking about packing, you need to keep in mind customs control and cargo export in the country you’re moving to. It differs for every country and the last thing you want is to have problems with it.

Everything about the old home

This is important since we’re talking about how long does it take to move overseas. If you don’t shut off everything properly, you could still be getting bills even after your move. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they move. They forget to shut off utilities such as water, electricity, and gas. Also, think of throwing a farewell party because it’s important to put closure on that chapter of your life. Gather all the family members and friends and make sure to have an unforgettable time.

What about your vehicle?

You need to think about this one since it requires special services from a moving company. The best option is to contact them and ask everything you want to know. It’s probably going to cost more, especially because you want to get insurance for the worst-case scenario. Many people made mistakes by not wanting to pay a little bit extra, and something happened to their vehicle. On the other hand, think if it’s worth it for you to do this. Selling it might be a better option since you’re moving and you need money. Also, don’t forget about the international driver’s license.

man covered in boxes
It’s important to go through your belongings when decluttering home.

Contacting bank and mobile providers

When moving, it’s recommended to inform your bank about moving and to check with them whether you have any loans. You want to maintain a good credit score. Also, don’t forget to ask around for an international card so you don’t have to pay extra fees when paying in the new country. Make sure to research banks in the place where you’re relocating. Additionally, go to your phone carrier and ask them to unlock your phone before the trip. This is good advice since using the phone in roaming can be pricy.

Wrapping it up!

It’s really hard to say how long does it take to move overseas. There are many factors that can affect your move. We’ve talked about the most common ones and we hope that they will help you with moving to the country of your choice. Look forward to it, be excited, and embrace every opportunity life presents you. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy life!

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