How do you make sure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address?

No matter where and how you organize shipping, you should make sure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address. It is a real struggle, primarily if you transport items to another country or different continent. Many bad things happen during transportation, and you cannot control some of them. Also, you should be able to organize shipping so that all come to the correct address, regardless of the distance and destination. You will indeed not have those problems if you cooperate with professionals like those in Kokusai Express Japan, and there are a few steps you can take to prevent a misdelivered package.

How to make sure your shipment doesn’t end up in the wrong address

Depending on the destination, and the distance, you should prepare your shipment properly with the vehicles that control your packages. However, it is not always easy, so experts recommend choosing the best transportation agency.

You should prepare some steps if want to make sure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address

You can use tracking status

Companies that organize shipping have valuable tools that make their job easier and better controlled. However, you can manage this control, too. All professional sea freight forwarders offer great options where you can track your shipment in a particular form. In some cases, those forms are on site, so you can directly check the field you want to follow. After that, you should be able to check where your package is, but keep in mind that not each company fills this form correctly. It is essential to cooperate with professionals in this case.

Contact the courier or driver

Most overseas shipping companies offer the option where you can contact the courier directly. It is crucial if you want to make sure your shipment doesn’t end up on the wrong address. Also, you will be able to organize delivery in a way that follows your time. In this case, you should use the courier’s phone number only for emergencies. Large companies will not give you the phone number of the driver. Thus, they will make contact if your package is not at the address on time.

Make sure that you have filled all forms properly

Sometimes you cannot make sure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address if forms are not filled correctly. Many people are unsure how to fill the form correctly or do not write all the vital information. Your address must contain all necessary information, including the street name and the number. Do not rely on the courier’s knowledge assuming his knowledge to deliver the package properly if you did not write all important. If you are not sure in delivering time or have trouble with the address, you can put your items away in warehouse Japan for a while.

What to do when the package is not delivered?

Bad things happen, and you will not always be able to control them or avoid problems. It is essential to handle the situation in those situations and not panic. All companies had a protocol for when they did not deliver the package on time.

Contact the company

You should contact the company at the first address you should visit in case your package is not delivered. However, you cannot expect cooperation if you avoid the most critical part of the shipping process. The company has a standardized procedure made for those situations. The first step is finding the package’s last track and following the possible reasons why it is lost. Do not worry; they will not avoid their responsibility, but sometimes losing the box is not false.

Make sure that you have given an accurate address before shipping

Check all information you gave

Most people fill out the forms automatically, without considering the accurate information they give. Sometimes, people give old addresses or not the full address that will help the company. The company may send the package to the wrong neighbor or the company that has not checked all information. Whatever it is, you should start with the possible mistakes in the form.

The problem could be in the company

Although a good company will do all it can to avoid problems, sometimes it is impossible to prevent them, even with the best organization. Companies cooperate when shipping goods, and your package could lose between them. You cannot do much in that case, but you can still ensure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address. Try to find the moment when the mistake happened and start from that. Communication with the company is crucial in these cases.

How to avoid shipping to the wrong address?

If you are a private person or a company, you must find a way to resolve the problem in shipping. However, in most cases, the most important is to avoid problems. The best way is to organize shipping with the right company and give the correct information.

Consider more shipping options

You have more than one shipping option when organizing transportation. In most cases, people choose those that sound the cheapest. However, in some cases is better to pay a little more than you have planned. You will get better and have a much safer shipping method.

Choose professional company

Cooperating with the right company should be in the first place whatever you have chosen to use when shipping. Also, ensure that the company you worked with has long experience in these jobs.

  • You should communicate with the company about the shipping methods they recommend to you;
  • It is possible to make sure your shipment doesn’t end up at the wrong address if you have a good plan;
  • Avoiding problems must include accepting that problem happened and resolving it as fast as it is possible.

Use technology

Companies will not rely on their drivers and vehicles when shipping. Now they have great technology that will control the process correctly. Also, they will offer you GPS tracking or a barcode scanner to know where your package is at every moment. You can use technology in your jobs, as well.

Sometimes is important to choose between two or three shipping methods

Companies have huge costs when they miss the address

Losing the shipment is not only your problem. The much bigger problem is for the company that must organize shipping properly. They must take steps to resolve the issue, which costs a lot. So, companies will do their best to avoid these situations. Use that advantage, and make sure your shipment doesn’t end up on the wrong address.


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