Guide to leaving Japan for college

You must be excited about leaving Japan for college, but you should know that it will be a challenging job. There are a lot of steps to take and many things to prepare before organizing it. For that reason, we have made a list of steps you should do and how to prepare for this task. One of the first things to do is hire a company with trust and reliability. With Kokusai Express Japan, you will organize all details quickly and without trouble. Make sure you have shared with them all your needs and concerns.

Why is leaving Japan for college challenging?

Changes are good but challenging and complex. There are a lot of details you should pay attention to, including preparing documents and packages. However, with the right domestic movers Japan, you should be fine.

Leaving Japan for college presumes long preparation

Do paperwork

Moving companies recommend checking all papers and documents needed for this move. It is for sure that moving internationally presumes to collect many different documents. One of the first ones is a visa, study (and working) license, and health insurance. Depending on the country you will go to, you should ask for permanent access and certificates from the college.

There are practical steps you must do, too

Remember that you are leaving your home permanently, meaning you may need to cancel all services. Before looking for professional overseas relocation services, you must check for electricity and gas service and cancel phones and other public utilities. It is good to inform you about the mobile network and services you will need in your new country. You must pay special attention to garbage removal since you may need to throw away items like kitchen appliances or old furniture.

Organize moving properly

Along with the job you have when preparing to leave Japan for college, you will have a difficult task preparing for moving. Remember that you will pack for long traveling, and indeed for staying on a long term. Do not save money on good moving services in Japan in this case.

Give your documents back

As you had to take your documents to the new country, you will need to return your Japanese documents. There are a few of them that you should remember when leaving Japan.

  • You should give back your card and pay health insurance last rate – then inform yourself about the needed documents in Immigration Services Agency;
  • Before leaving Japan for college, visit the bank and pay all rates and other assignments;
  • Make sure that you remember to pay all public utilities.
You will have great opportunities to study in multicultural countries once when you leave Japan

Do not pack too many items

Organizing a garage sale or selling your items on open markets before leaving is best, so you will only have a few things to pack. You will start a new life in a new country, so you do not need to take all items with you. You have good packing material and learning how to pack and label items properly is good. All other things you will know from moving company. Prepare for leaving Japan for college properly – remember, it would be emotional.

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