Guide for Shipping Machinery Abroad

Shipping machinery abroad is never an easy job. Beside from many difficulties with organization, you should prepare documentation for your cargo. On the other hand, you need to listen to many pieces of advice on how to prepare your machines properly. There are numerous legislations about that, too. Before considering of shipping machinery abroad, you should be aware of a few things:

  • Which type of machinery you are willing to transport – there are differences between vehicles and machines in the industry;
  • It is important which documents you will need – again, vehicles need one type of them, but unique machines that you bought on auction completely different ones;
  • Chose which type of shipping machinery abroad you will need – depending on the country, continent and vehicle for shipping you will use;
  • Finally, choose the type of the vehicle you will need for shipping. It could be a ship, truck or plane.

Before starting with shipping machinery abroad, make sure that you have chosen a good moving company, too. There are many of them, but only a few are prepared for doing this job properly.

Documents that you will need for shipping machinery abroad

It is very important to know which documents you will need for every type of machines. However, there are different legislations in the world. Make sure that you got know every one of them for the country you ship your machinery. Usually, a moving company like international movers Japan has every important information about that.

Piles of papers needed for shipping machinery abroad
There are a lot of documents that you will need for shipping machinery abroad

Prepare documents on time

Usually, you will need to prepare documents at least 72 hours before shipping machinery abroad. Even though that is not the case in every country, you should have them within that period of time. Make sure that you have properly researched this topic before shipping. There are surely legislations that you do not know for.

Check taxes and duties

There are three places in the world where you can buy a machine and do not pay duty. Those are Corso, Italy; St Aubin Sur Gallon, France; and Dubai. Anything you bought on the auction in those places you can freely take with you. In any other country in the world, you must pay the obligated amount of money. It is not hard to find the information about that on official sites.

Determine export and import restrictions

You may think that some machines you can simply buy and take with you. However, it is not that simple. There are countries that are not opened for shipping machines abroad. Make sure that you have informed about everything important in that case.


Many machines, especially vehicles, have specific insurances included in the price. However, make sure that you have different insurance for shipping machines abroad. There are so many situations when you will need it. Starting from possible damaging of the machines. It leads to damages that machines could make to other people and items.

Preparation for shipping

At this moment, you have only your machine and nothing else in front of you. It is the time to find the best global forwarding methods for shipping. It could be a large truck or best moving company that could help you.

Get know the fact about your machine

People think – an excavator is a large machine and nothing else. However, there are many details that could make your shipping easier of even more difficult. You should know everything about the machine you have planned to ship.

A laptop.
Learn everything you can about the machine you want to move.

Ask experts and include them in

It is not hard to consult a moving company or even engineers from the factory that have made the machine before shipping. You can ask them to get involved in the whole procedure. Besides that, you can freely ask many organizations and companies for help, too. Some of them are a customs broker, air freight movers or moving companies like moving services Japan. Maybe the best is to ask professional sea freight forwarders for help.

Prepare yourself for a realistic budget

Many people have not prepared themselves for shipping machinery abroad. They usually think that moving of these machines is expensive, but not too much. Make sure that you have included all possible costs. Some of them could be workers in moving companies like moving services Japan or engineer that will help you. You should also have a special tool that your machine needs with you.

Shipping machinery abroad

The final shipping includes many details. You should prepare yourself on them as much as possible. Consider the weight of the machine. You may need a special vehicle that can transport it. It is important to know the possible costs and problems that may occur.

You will use special trailers

There is a high chance that you will need a special trailer for shipping machinery abroad. In that case, you should prepare special permits. There are also international considerations that you may need. It is also important that not every vehicle can transport your machine.


If you are shipping machinery abroad you can use trucks. However, you should know the maximum weight that they can tow. It is always good to ask expert handling of heavy lift cargo before this process.


This is actually a most common tool that moving companies use for shipping machinery abroad. It is not much expensive. It is large and reliable. Usually, it can tow up to 48,000 pounds. There is a variety of sizes so you can choose in accordance with the machine you have.

Ship with containers
You can use special trailers for moving heavy cargo.

Moving vehicles abroad

In case that you must move vehicles abroad, you should get know with the terminology and types of moving. Usually, they use the roll-on/roll-off method for vehicles overseas. It means that they will drive the vehicle to the ship. However, this is possible only for vehicles that can you drive.

Ro-ro vessel

This is the special ship for shipping machinery abroad. It is a large ship, with a place for vehicles. They also must have hooks and rings for rope and chains. It allows fixing the vehicle on the ship. Usually, vehicles are protected with ramps. After moving, you can sit in them and drive.

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