Guide For Retired Expats in Japan

Retired expats in Japan have great opportunities and chances. If you prepare to be one of them, you should learn the legislation. They have great programs so even those who are not born in this country can enjoy it. However, you should not worry about the packages and wardrobe. If you have large boxes and furniture you can hire companies that offer project cargo services and make sure that they will pack and transport them professionally. More important, though, is how you will make this job easier due to different legislation and lifestyle.

There are a lot of similarities between Japan and the rest of the world when it comes to the retirements for ex-pats. You know that it is not easy to adjust to a new country in the long term. However, you should prepare documentation and learn all about problems with living in a foreign country. You will need to prepare like you will work in this country again.

Nature in Japan
There are a lot of great places that retired expats in Japan could visit

Documents that retired expats in Japan need to prepare

It is hard to prepare documents even for short term living in Japan. You must prepare for a lot of papers and research before you start living in this country. However, you can easily collect all documents if start on time and inform yourself properly. Do not forget that expats who live here can buy a house and invest in the business, too.

  • Documents are crucial for living in any country in the world – do not allow yourself to start this journey without the right papers in the pocket;
  • It is for sure that you need to learn about their lifestyle before trying to adapt to their habits;
  • You will need to switch to one of Japanese banks if want to live here and withdraw money – retired ex-pats in Japan usually have the same conditions in banks;
  • Health insurance is very important for every person and even more for people in retirement – you should choose the most acceptable for your condition;
  • The only thing you should not worry about is relocation because Japanese air freight forwarders organize transportation easily and fast.


You know that you will need a visa for every country in the world. So, you should not start with the packing before checking how you can get it. For US citizens they allow living and visiting Japan for 90 days. For a longer period, you should inform yourself on other types of visas. After that, you can choose the best moving service in Japan and start packing.

Types of visas for retired expats in Japan

Depending on the longevity of staying, you can apply for different types of visas. There is a one-year visa for three years. After that, you can ask for another three years, which is the long-term visa and after that, you can get a permanent visa. Finally, you can become a resident. If this applies to you, you should find a good company, like Kokusai Express Moving to help in relocating.

Language and culture

It is always easier and better to start with learning a language before start with packing. If you want to relocate to Japan, you should start with this job as soon as possible. As you know, they speak English in this country. However, you should not rely on that fact. You will adapt much easier if started to learn Japanese, with their culture and history.

A tree in Japan
You will see how great Japanese culture is

Quality of life for retired expats in Japan

No matter if you come from another country to live in Japan, they will accept you as their citizens. There are important documents that you need to have, but after that, you need to learn how living here functions. All details, like healthcare and taxes, work by the same rules as in many other countries. If you want to adapt to their legislation, you should investigate the country first.

Housing costs

The great news about buying a house in Japan is that they are cheaper than in the US. It means that ex-pats in Japan that have retired can buy a house for a small amount of money. The prices there are 32% lower than in the US.


According to research healthcare in Japan is among the best in the world. Up to 70% is paid by the government. It means that if you choose to retire in Japan, you should consider their insurance options.

Taxes depend on the visa

Depending on the type of visa you have, you can get pretty low taxes for your properties when living in Japan. As they claim, you can pay lower taxes if you are a resident of Japan. It means that if you choose to retire in Japan permanently, you can be sure that you will pay a much lower price for your properties.


Like any other country in the world, Japan has police that protect people. However, they also have “kobans”. It is a small police box where you can call a police officer when you are in an emergency. In that way, you will be able to protect yourself even in the most dangerous situation.

Lifestyle for retired expats in Japan is the same as for citizens

If you have decided to come to Japan to live, you have made a great decision. They are open to new citizens, cultures, and people. However, you need to learn a lot about their lifestyle. Although you will adapt to it easily, you may feel surprised by some of their habits. Also, it could affect your private life, so firstly research how life there looks like.

A forest that retired expats in Japan often visit
Japan has great nature but also natural disaster often

Low crime rate

No matter how great police are, the more important thing is that you will not need them often. Japan has an extremely low crime rate, meaning that you will not need police that much. As they are one of the best-organized nations, with a deep-seated sense of morality, you will not face crime often.

Great elder care and culture

One of the greatest things in Japan is how they care about their elders. Japanese culture and the elderly are intertwined to accept and support old people. You can see how they organize clubs and courses for old people, and accept their experience in society. It surely helps people to feel accepted and healthier, even in old age.

Earthquakes and fires

Retired expats in Japan must learn to accept nature in this country. No matter how great forests and rivers they have, they also have a lot of natural disasters. You surely have heard about their earthquakes which they have more than ten a day. Also, they have fires often.

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