There is no business to be had in logistics unless you are connected. You need business partners, affiliates, and most of all – customers. Imagine if you were a domestic transportation company in a small country of under a population of 5 million. You would be bankrupt before you could even go on vacation. And that is why you can’t get into the business of Japan professional logistics and transportation without a quality foundation. In the case of Kokusai Express, that foundation and pillar is our global network which covers all types of services.

The importance of a global network is huge for any logistics company.
Our global network is one of the key elements of our logistics and transportation business.

What exactly do we mean by “global network”?

As an international logistics and transportation Japan company, we have developed a strong global network for all kinds of services around the world. Therefore, whatever service you might need, contact the experts from Kokusai Express Japan, and we will do everything to satisfy your needs. With special attention to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. You might be wondering what exactly we mean when we reference our global network. Well, simply put, it refers to:

Domestic offices

Kokusai Express has a developed network of domestic offices and logistics centers.
You can’t begin to spread your global network without having a proper domestic base.

Kokusai Express has offices positioned all over Japan. We cover all larger cities and provinces, which gives us a great domestic coverage rate. This is a great step towards establishing a good logistics basis and global network. Simply put, there are two reasons to focus on this:

  • To establish multiple domestic offices means to establish your brand.
  • Once you develop your company domestically, widening your range will be all the more easier.

Overseas offices

Once your company has a solid foothold in Japan or any other country, then the time comes to widen your range. And that is exactly what Kokusai Express has achieved over the years. Nothing happens over night, and neither did the creation of our global network. However, when the time was right, we made the important step and opened offices in Korea and China. And these offices offer us a great connection with the rest of Asia. Also, this is something we hope to continue to work on as our business grows.

Domestic logistics centers

When you are a logistics and transportation company in Japan, there is no purpose in having an office if you don’t have operational centers. Kokusai Express has logistical facilities positioned in every larger harbor in Japan. This ensures our connection with the rest of the world when it comes to transportation of goods. And it is also important to help further grow our business in cooperation with other ports and harbors – not only in neighboring countries such as China and Korea but on a global scale.

What would be the benefits of our global network?

What makes Kokusai Express so unique is the fact that our global network of facilities boosts the overall impact of all our services. And this is why it is beneficial to have it. Since you never know the distance you plan on covering with your logistics and transportation needs. And with us, it makes no difference since we are global coverage – all over the world.

Optimized cargo forwarding capabilities

Kokusai Express forwards customer cargo based on the global network via our overseas corporations and partners. We make it our goal to conduct the transportation in a rapid, efficient and overall safe manner. Plus, our company efficiently manages a series of logistics stages. This includes:

Kokusai Express Japan gets your cargo handles with the assistance of our global network.
We are able to handle all types of cargo and export/import it on a global scale.
  • container transport
  • air transport
  • CFS projects
  • packing
  • unloading
  • storage
  • meeting higher customer satisfaction.

Cargo forwarding refers to complex and often long distance transport affairs. For such an undertaking, you need to hire a specialized company for the whole logistics-related affairs, including:

  • transport
  • customs clearance
  • storage

And any shipment issues that inevitably occur during international logistics transport. This also helps customers focus on their own purposes for the sake of logistics transport.

Our logistics centers include warehousing capacities

As we already mentioned, Kokusai Express operates logistics centers at all major ports in Japan. Hence, it holds great import/export solutions. And with the amount of goods that we normally handle, the need for storage often arises. But this is no concern for Kokusai, since we offer high-quality warehouse options for all our customers:

  • Global logistics service customized for all types of cargo.
  • Unloading and storage services of customs-cleared global cargo.
  • Detailed and customized classification of cargo at arrival port.
  • Transnational cargo-handling services
  • Packing services for global export cargo
  • Kotra Korea-Japan co-logistics service

Advantages of our global network when it comes to cargo customs clearance

Kokusai Express Japan employs a specialized team of experienced customs officers. And with our global profile, they are trained for each work area in customs clearance procedures. Reviewing prior article taxation number, tax cut, duty-free and origins…these are just some of the services they are trained for and excel in.

We also offer a specialized customs clearance process by defining global import goods from each company and handling them. And after you receive an import declaration, we build up a post-consideration system. And we do this by using taxation price and number. Plus, our developed network provides us with a nation-wide customs clearance network system.

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