Gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally

The fact that your friends have decided to move is very difficult to accept. Still, as real friends, you are expected to offer support and help. Also, you can surprise your friends with a beautiful gift. Of course, no one expects you to spend a great amount of money. What matters is to buy something practical and sentimental. Search the internet, find gift ideas for your friends who are moving internationally. Moreover, don’t buy something large and heavy. Bear in mind, your friends already have a huge amount of luggage which a professional moving company has to transport safely. Nevertheless, you can arrange the shipment of your gift or order it online. Thus, when your friends arrive at their new home they will be surprised with your present.

Our gift ideas for your friends who are moving internationally will certainly help

Maybe you already have something in mind. It depends on how well you know your friends. Also, it depends on what your friends really need. On the other hand, consider when you’ll give your present. You can do it before they go or when they arrive in the new city. Air freight forwarders can safely ship your presents. The surprise will be even bigger. Presents for your beloved ones relocating abroad are a sign of love and true friendship. Hence, here come some gift ideas for your friends who are moving internationally.

Dual time watch

Why is this a great souvenir for close people who are starting a new life abroad? Well, it shows both the present time and the time at their new home. Thus, when you wish to call someone you’ll know immediately the time difference. So you won’t wake up anyone in the middle of the night.


Check what coupons you can buy for the place your friends are moving to. With this in mind, choose interesting coupons.

  • Obtain coupons for the meals at popular restaurants.
  • Also, a tour of cultural attractions can be quite exciting.
  • On the contrary, a coupon for a relaxing day at the spa center is also a great idea.

Portable power pack and wireless headphones

It’s an excellent idea since you can use them whenever you travel somewhere. They fit your pocket. Due to the long time spent traveling you can fully charge your phone. Also, you can forget the wires.

a phone and wireless headphones
Wireless headphones and other digital items are a perfect gift for those traveling internationally. They fit your pocket. They’ll help you use your phone all the time. You will surely use them again.

Universal travel adapters

Indeed, you surely want to charge your phone as soon as you arrive. Nevertheless, in some countries, different types of plugs fit into local sockets. Hence, to avoid uncomfortable situations universal travel adapters are helpful.

Key chains

Personalized key chains with a nice picture or a name can be a nice detail. You can use them for keys to your new home, car or something else.

Photobook and picture frames

Photobooks are a present full of nostalgia and emotions. Sending a gift like this would be a true emotional strike. Picture frames are also an excellent choice. They decorate your new home. On the other hand, electronic picture frames show you a slideshow of pictures from your phone or a computer.

a woman looking at a photo book as one of the best gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally
Photo albums and picture frames are excellent gift ideas for friends who are moving internationally. Stop for a minute and take a look at the old memories.

Toiletries organizer

You can pack essentials in your toiletries organizer. As a matter of fact, they’re not only nice but helpful as well. You don’t have to look for a shampoo or a toothbrush in your luggage. Everything you need immediately is in one place.

Language learning programs

Of course, this gift depends on the country you’re moving to. Moving from Japan can be stressful when you’re not familiar with the new language. In case that country’s native language is unknown to you, this is a perfect present. Thus, learn a new language. It will facilitate your new beginning in the new place.

Travel backpacks and hard shell suitcases

You can’t make a mistake buying these types of gifts. These are the presents people actually want. You always need them when traveling. Put all essential things in backpacks. At the same time, breakable and fragile items will be secure in these suitcases.

a man with a laptop sitting on the armchair next to the suitcases and a globe
Good suitcases are always in need.  Your things will be safely transported in them.

Unique seasoning and spices from home

Certainly, it might happen you move to a different culture. You may wish to eat something from your old home. For instance, Americans like taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix. However, it’s very hard to buy these things outside the US.


Many interesting decorations can find a place in your friend’s new home. Think about what your friends may like, or what will fit nicely in their home. For example, it can be some New Years’ ornaments.

A mug

Don’t consider it a bad present. A mug will cheer up your friends in the morning. Also, the afternoon tea can also bring up memories. Additionally, buy a mug and stamp something on it. Maybe a nice picture, a message, or a name.


Furthermore, if you run out of ideas a simple bouquet of flowers will be a beautiful gift. Arrange the delivery of the flowers the day after the arrival of your friends. It will certainly brighten up space. Equally important, it’s a true sign you’re thinking of them.

Whatever gift you opt for your friends will be delighted

By all means, surprising someone with a present is delightful. Still, the value of friendship is not in the material value of your gift. It’s the idea that someone is thinking about you. Someone will miss you. Hopefully, the digital era helps people stay in touch.  Therefore, surprise your friends with a small gift, help, or a simple hug. Just let them know you’ll always be there for them.


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