Freight consolidation: what you need to know

Running your business overseas often is not so simple. Whether your business is based on import or export goods, there is always a lot of jobs. Regardless of the size and the type of your business, logistics processes are often crucial. Having the right logistic support is important for the overall success of your business. Your logistic professionals use different methods to help you transport your goods and products. One of the ways to make transport smoother is freight consolidation. Today our Kokusai Express Japan experts will explain to you all you need to know about freight consolidation. Even if your freight volume cannot justify the cost of a full truckload, your logistics experts will find a solution to transport your goods efficiently. Stay with us and find out how your load will share a ride with other products like yours.

How does freight consolidation work?

Before we get to freight consolidation, let’s see one example that will help you understand it better. For instance, you and your couple colleagues need to attend a conference in another city. That means you are going to another city at the same time as several of your colleagues. Will each of your spend the time, money, and energy to drive separately? Or you will share resources and hire a van transport for everyone? Further, you will see that freight consolidation could also become a good strategy for your supply chain.

Learn about freight consolidation
Find out how freight consolidation works.

Whether you are planning to hire air freight forwarders or any other type of transport, you will want the fastest and the most affordable transportation option. So, let’s see where your products are stored. If they are within the same storage as products of other companies, your freight forwarders may transport them together. This way, both you and your logistic providers will get the best out of the time, costs, and other resources.

Even if you need to use project cargo services, this method can be applied. Your cargo forwarders consolidate the collective loads into one truckload or container and sent it with decreasing costs. This can help you transport your products and goods faster and cheaper than when you transport them separately.

Many benefits of transportation consolidation

There is no doubt, this logistic method is very practical in many aspects. In most times it can save your money and enable transportation of your products faster than before. Even if your products are not in the shared warehouse, freight consolidation is also an option. Your loads can be picked up en route and included in the freight consolidation program. Wondering what are its other benefits? First thing first, sustainability. Sharing the ride and non-using multiple trucks will reduce carbon emissions. Also, besides quicker delivery times you will also have an opportunity to track your shipment.

Sustainability is a reason to opt for this transportation
Sustainability is one of the reasons to opt for this transportation method.

Hope you will find this article useful and now you realize the purpose of freight consolidation and its benefits. As one of the finest overseas shipping companies, we are glad to help you learn about the smart ways to improve your business. So, keep tracking our tips and be free to rely on our services any time you need them.

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