Foreigner’s guide for Japan lifestyle

Have you ever thought about living in Japan? Did the thought scare you? Moving to another country, let alone a continent, can be a mortifying experience. This is especially true when the culture of the country is as unique as it is in Japan. But do not fear! Kokusai Express Japan is here for you! In this article, we take a deep dive into the Japanese culture and Japan lifestyle. If you are moving to Japan, then learning as much as you can about the country is a must. And by reading this article, you already have a great start on the matter!

Japan lifestyle rules

Just like in every country, there are some rules in Japan you will need to adhere to. There are both written and unwritten ones, of course.

Reserved people

Always keep your cool.
Always keep your cool.

Japan people are always calm. You should never lose your cool in public. It’s considered a shame. They are also more private than Americans, for example. They don’t hug and seldom touch.

It’s also very important not to litter, nor eat or drink while walking. There are also places that forbid selfies, too!

Another thing to remember is never to point with a finger. Instead, you need to use the whole hand. Put your fingers together, and raise your palm up to show a thing you are talking about, instead of using your pointer finger.

Going along with that, Japanese are extremely polite people. For example, during the rainy season, you will need to leave your umbrella in a special box in front of the store, since you can’t take a dripping umbrella with you inside. Don’t worry – the umbrellas are never stolen. However, someone might take yours by mistake, since there are many similar ones. An amazing thing is that you will most likely find it in the same box the very next day.

Japan also regularly ranks in the top safest countries in the world. Due to this, people seldom lock their doors. Also, if you lose a wallet, there’s an extremely high chance you will get it back. Your money will be intact well!

Cleanliness Japan lifestyle

Cleanliness is an important part of Japan lifestyle.
Cleanliness is an important part of Japan lifestyle.

As we mentioned before, Japanese love to keep things clean. For example, you will probably wear at least three different pairs of slippers during the day. You will use one on the streets, which you will need to take off when going to someone’s house. There you will get house slippers, but you will need to exchange them for toilet slippers when using the toilet. And never forget to take those off when going back to the other rooms in the house.

And one of the most important things in Japan is to know that littering is strictly forbidden. However, you will not find a trash can either. Surprisingly, streets and subways are really clean. But, you will need to carry your empty cans and candy wrappers in your pockets. Because of this, it’s a good idea to carry a plastic bag with you, in which you can put your trash.

As you probably know, Japan is a collection of smaller islands. This is why it was important for Japanese people to handle trash disposal. They focused on recycling, and have developed a detailed trash disposal system. For example, you have to take different types of thrash on different days. This is why, when moving abroad with reliable movers, you will probably get a Gomi (Garbage) guide.

Driving in Japan

Another thing that’s unique for a couple of countries in the world is the driving. Remember that you need to drive on the left side. It might be weird that the steering wheel is on the right side, but you will learn to use it fast. Another thing that differs from the United State is that the speed counter will be in kilometers per hour. Learn to convert from miles to kilometers and back! You will also need to learn to read traffic lights since they are horizontal and stacked.

Christmas in Japan

Gifts are only for your significant others.
Gifts are only for your significant others.

Japan has many unique holidays, and Japanese people also celebrate some holidays in unique ways. Let’s take Christmas for example. It is different in Japan lifestyle than in the American one. First, it’s not a family-centered event. People in Japan often take their significant other on dates for Christmas. These should be fancy, and you should include gifts. Another interesting difference is that the gifts between are friends are rare. You need to agree upon gifting each other presents with your friends before getting anything.

Another fun fact is that Japanese KFC has a Christmas event, too! You can order a special meal that includes chicken, wine, cake, and champagne. This meal costs $40, but you will need to book a table in advance. This is because there is a high interest in this event.

Money in Japan lifestyle

You need to pay special attention to money when living in Japan lifestyle. The first thing to realize is that you will probably have to take cash everywhere. Very few places actually take credit cards. This is especially true when going out of Tokyo or Kyoto, and into some rural areas of the country.

Another trouble that you might encounter is that ATMs are hard to find. Doesn’t really matter if your card is in a small local bank or a huge international one. Your best bet will be to look for a local 7-Eleven and withdraw money there. This also ties into the fact that you need to take cash on your at all times – so be sure to get bigger sums of money if a 7-Eleven isn’t really nearby.


In conclusion, there are many things that make Japan lifestyle unique and interesting. In this article, we were only able to scratch the surface and introduce you to some of the most important and interesting aspects of Japanese culture. There are many places you can read more about it. This is highly recommended if you are planning on moving to Japan long term. Being prepared will save you from an uncomfortable situation that may arise.

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