Finding warehouse space in Japan: where should you start?

You might need warehouse space in Japan for various reasons. Warehouses are mostly used for business purposes. However, you can also use them for storing your belongings when you are moving. Or when you need some extra space at your home. So, finding warehouse space in Japan will depend on the purpose you need it for. However, in both cases, you must find a reliable warehouse. The most important is that your thighs are safe. And that the warehouse is offering good storing possibilities. Also, if you are looking for affordable storage prices, check the Kokusai Express Japan.

Finding warehouse space in Japan can influence your supply chain

If you are an entrepreneur, you understand how important it is to have good warehousing possibilities. Also, the growth of eCommerce was followed by increased demand for warehouse space. Having enough storage space in a warehouse located at the right spot is essential. It determines the speed and efficiency of your supply chain. Thus, it determines your overall business.

What if you only wish to store your personal things? Well, start searching for a proper warehouse on time. The demand for storage space in Japan is very high. So, don’t wait until the last minute. Moreover, you will need a warehouse that you can easily reach. It would be costly to store your belongings far from your home. Every time you need something, you would have to bear transport costs.

Warehouse with shelves and boxes - Finding warehouse space in Japan.
Finding a good warehouse space in Japan takes time.

What to consider when you are selecting the warehouse space in Japan?

Selecting a reliable warehouse for storing your goods can be time-consuming. There are some factors that you can negotiate with warehouse owners. As an entrepreneur, you may have some specific demands. Also, if you are storing private belongings, you may need special treatment for some goods.

However, some features, like warehouse location and layout are non-negotiable. If they don’t meet your needs, you have to continue with your search. Here, we are giving an overview of the essential factors. You should consider when looking for warehouse space:

Warehouse location

This is one of the key factors to consider. All other factors could perfectly meet your needs. However, you must ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries. For that reason, the warehouse must be at the right location.

Warehouse offering various services

Some warehouses are offering only basic services. However, those offering additional services are much better for business. CFS bonded warehouse can offer you much more. Using one of them, your shipments will be safer and faster. Also, your goods can be packed, unpacked, labeled, and sorted in the warehouse. And all that under the supervision of the customs authority. Thus, you will be able to export goods without payment of duty. Warehouses can also provide additional services such as dispatching, quality control, and reverse logistics. The bottom line, all this will save you money and time.

This is also good for persons moving from Japan. That way, your possessions will be forwarded faster. And warehouse will sort all custom clearances.

Access to your goods in the warehouse

Accessibility is also an important factor. If you can’t reach the warehouse easily, it can cause delays in orders. And that is something you can’t afford. Late delivery can easily lead to losing customers. So, when finding warehouse space, also consider the following:

  • Its access to public transportation
  • Safety and road conditions
  • Can you easily connect to highways
  • Traffic flow

    A man is standing in a warehouse and working on laptop.
    A warehouse manager.

Experience of a warehouse business and employees

When finding a warehouse in Japan, pay attention to those two things. Check for how long the warehouse is in business. Also, check if the warehouse has experience in handling products from your specific industry. For instance, you are dealing with pharmaceutical products. You will need a warehouse that meets the strict standards of pharmaceutical products storing standards.

It is also very important that the warehouse has well-trained employees. So, you can be sure that your goods will be handled in the proper way.

Check technology and warehouse management system

A warehouse that applies advanced technology is providing better and faster services. And in a country like Japan, the technology is very advanced. So, you will hopefully be lucky in finding a warehouse using it. Also, those using the warehouse management system will offer you a better overview of your goods on stock. So, you will be able to check the number of goods you receive and dispatch in certain periods.

Also, check if the company operations can be integrated with international freight forwarding. That can help you a lot in shortening the receiving/delivering time. Thus, your supply chain will also be more reliable. And much faster and more efficient.

Check the warehouse security measures

This is another important thing to check in the warehouse. When visiting, ask the staff about security. The warehouse should be fenced. It should also have guarded gates and cameras. Also, ask about the measures regarding entering the warehouse. Who can get in? And how they control the movement of people inside the warehouse. Once you make sure the facility is safe, you can close a deal with the warehouse.

Ask about the warehouse insurance policy when finding warehouse space in Japan

Check what the warehouse insurances cover. This is important since the insurances differ from one to another warehouse. Also, check if you need to purchase some additional insurance. It will cost you a bit more. But in a case of an accident, your goods will be fully covered.

A cargo ship with lot of containers escorted by two smaller ships.
Warehouse operations can be integrated with international freight forwarding.

The other factors that are important when finding proper warehouse space in Japan

Besides the factors that were have already discussed, there are more things to consider. Finding the proper warehouse for your needs may take time. But also, you need to know things. You need to know what you can have. You also need to know your obligations and your rights.  So, here are some important factors to consider when leasing warehouse space:

  • maintenance and operating expenses – before signing, check if they are included in the contract
  • air conditioning, heating, and ventilation – not all warehouses have them. So, in case you have sensitive goods, make sure the warehouse is right for you. Also, ask to see maintenance certificates. They must include the maintenance date. So, you will know that all appliances are operational.
  • sufficient electricity supplies – for instance, if you are dealing with cold chain goods. They have to be stored in a special way.

These are a few among many factors that you should check.  That way, finding a proper warehouse will be easier.

By choosing the right warehouse, you will improve your operations

By choosing the right warehouse, you are diminishing the risks of supply chain disruption. Also, you want your personal belongings to be secure. You have to keep in mind that for finding warehouse space in Japan you need time. According to some sources, due to pandemic outbreaks and supply chain disruption, the storage spaces worldwide are limited. And Japan is one of the countries where the percentage of free warehouse space is quite low. Thus, be persistent. And give yourself enough time to find the right one.

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