Environmentally friendly packing solutions when shipping

It seems that nowadays people talk so much about the benefits for our planet. Well, no wonder after so much harm we’ve done to the planet. We’ve polluted it in so many ways. However, it’s time to go from mere talk to concrete actions. Each sphere of life and work should do something significant. Be sure that a professional moving company can do a lot. Consider environmentally friendly packing solutions. Of course, no one expects all the changes to happen at once. But go slowly and continuously. One small step is enough to contribute to the environment. After all, by acting the right way you’ll improve your image in the market and among customers.

What environmentally friendly packing solutions can we suggest?

Indeed, so much is already presented in mass media about this. Thus, you are only left to choose and try on. Of course, you don’t have to make changes at once. Order some samples of products. See what suits you. Consider certain things that help you decide. Only then can you order larger quantities and start doing something for your planet. Hence consider the following things:

  • compatibility with the items you transport
  • durability
  • weight
  • size
  • price

Papers and cardboard

They are present in large quantities. Recycling is easy. You can use them in various cases. Still, many avoid cardboard since it creates a lot of waste. In particular, this is the case with cargo import. Thus, if you can, use other alternatives.

 a woman using paper for wrapping a bowl
Whenever you can don’t use cardboard boxes. Wrap the items if possible.


Above all, we talk about plastics that biodegrade much shorter than regular plastics. After all, its material is plant-based. Still, bear in mind that they can’t be regularly recycled.

Biodegradable plastics

Consider using these plastics. It’s modified to impart rapidly under the impact of heat and light. However, it can leave toxic elements in nature. Of course, that amount is not measurable with ordinary plastics.

Plant fibers

We warmly suggest these types of environmentally friendly packing solutions. Jute and cotton are used for reusable bags. Wrap your products in them. Rest assured you did something good for nature. Also, you would be surprised by the durability of recycled hemp, tapioca, palm leaves, and many more. Certainly, you’ll be satisfied with these bags.

a woman holding a black garbage bag as one of the environmentally packing solutions
Don’t hesitate. Garbage bags like these can serve as environmentally friendly packing solutions. They are excellent for storing many items. Kitchen stuff, for instance.

Wooden Crates

Wood is a much better solution compared to cardboard boxes. You can use it more times. Also, these crates are much cheaper. Moreover, they are secure and sturdy. Besides, you can use them for storage too.

Use containers you already own

In case you have plastic bins, suitcases, gym bags, and duffle bags use them. Why not? What matters is to avoid using damaging materials and packaging.

a suitcase full of books
Why not using your old suitcase? Instead of spending money on packaging use what you already have.

Eco-friendly fillers

You can use biodegradable packing peanuts. They protect nature and work very well. Also, instead of bubble wraps, you can choose wraps made out of up-cycled corrugated cardboard. They serve the purpose and are not harmful. In addition, to achieve insulation use air pillows made of recycled plastics.

Organic materials

Lots of organic materials are used these days to make packages. You have a variety of bags that replace ordinary plastic bags. Thus, cornstarch, mushrooms, seaweed are excellent organic materials you should consider.

Did you ever consider the ink?

Many would never consider the ink used on different packing solutions. Nevertheless, the ink which is usually used is petroleum-based. Of course, we don’t have to explain it is very harmful to the environment. On the contrary, make sure to use packages with soy-based inks. Besides, you can get more vibrant colors and it’s much cheaper.

Let’s beat the idea that ecological decisions for loading supplies are expensive

Everyone thinks that these packing solutions are very expensive. Still, select a minimalist design. Above all, it’s very important to lighten the load. The heavier means more money for shipping. Thus, think thoroughly about this with overseas packing ideas. With a lighter load, you will save some money and minimize waste. Hence, whenever you can, choose poly mailers, tissue wraps, and another light packaging.

Why should you avoid boxes?

Well, we have to admit that boxes are the biggest elements of packaging. Also, they’re quite expensive. In order to minimize waste and save money try to avoid boxes. Replace them with other environmentally friendly packing solutions. On the other hand, we have to admit that sometimes we have to use boxes. Heavy lift cargo can’t go without large boxes. Thus, what you can do is evaluate the size of the packaging. Use the correct size of boxes. Above all, avoid putting a box within a box.

Are you still uncertain about using environmentally friendly packing solutions?

If you are still in doubt about whether you should use different packages we will help you decide. The eco-friendly move doesn’t coincide with plastic packages. As a matter of fact, packages are not always the problem. Materials are the true enemy. Plastic definitely pollutes the planet, both land, and ocean. Plastic sometimes needs 1,000 years to biodegrade. Of course, you should recycle and reuse packages as much as you can. However, consider the information that from 1950 to 2015 only 9 % of the world’s plastic was recycled.

Be brave and do something good for the environment

Our planet yearns for changes. We’ve done too much harm to it. Therefore, use different designs and materials. Minimize the bad impact on the environment. Use recycled and biodegradable materials. It’s safe for both the consumers and the environment. In case you’re still doubtful consider your customers. People nowadays like to work with someone who guards our planet. Everything changes rapidly. Also, lower shipping costs are a reality. Thus, do something for the planet. Furthermore, long-term benefits to your business will be evident in no time.


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