Eco-friendly overseas packing tips

Nowadays, it is extremely important to look for ways to make more eco-friendly choices and to be eco-conscious. Now more than ever, people are doing everything they can to protect the environment and make cleaner and smarter decisions. The good news is, you can even do this when you’re moving overseas. Even if you end up hiring one of the overseas moving companies, you can still make some decisions on your own. But if you’re not sure how you can be kind to the environment while packing, we’re here to help you. All you need to do is put in a little bit more effort and you’ll be able to implement all of our eco-friendly overseas packing tips. Let’s begin.

6 easiest eco-friendly overseas packing tips

1. Stay away from cardboard boxes

When people think of packing, the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes. Somehow, using cardboard boxes for packing has become the natural choice and people don’t even have to think twice about it. However, there are much better options if you’re looking for ways of eco-friendly packing. 

A stack of cardboard - using cardboard boxes isn't one of the eco-friendly overseas packing tips
Eco-friendly overseas packing tip number one: avoid cardboard boxes.

Whether you’re packing things for the move or for cargo export, you’ll eventually find yourself with a bunch of cardboard that you don’t need anymore. Also, the boxes will probably be ruined for the most part. That way, you’re creating clutter in your home, but also unnecessary waste. You need to recycle the cardboard because you’ll probably never use these boxes again.

Besides, getting rid of them isn’t the only issue with packing your belongings into cardboard boxes – they’re also not very secure. Your belongings are way more prone to getting damaged if you pack them into cardboard boxes.

2. Find reusable plastic containers for packing

Reuse, reuse, recycle – this is the mantra of anyone who is interested in saving the environment. It may seem strange that one of our eco-friendly overseas packing tips is using plastic, but it’s not just any kind of plastic. What’s great about these containers is that they are reusable! This means that you won’t have to throw them away after moving to Japan. You’ll be able to put them to use and utilize them as extra storage.

Not only that, but you can even find companies from which you can rent plastic boxes. This is a great way to stay on the eco-friendly packing track. Rent the boxes for as long as you need them and then simply return them to the company when you’re done with moving.

3. Go for wooden crates

Using wooden crates is another great way to implement environmentally friendly overseas packing tips. Just like plastic containers, these crates are reusable and they won’t go to waste. Not only are they eco-friendly, but wooden crates are even pretty cheap, so you won’t have to break the bank.

Another one of our eco-friendly overseas packing tips - use these kinds of wooden crates
If you want to be environmentally friendly while packing, you might want to try using wooden crates.

Also, wooden crates are more sturdy and secure than regular cardboard boxes, so they are an all-round better choice. After you move, you can keep using wooden crates for storing some things. Another thing you should consider is turning wooden crates into DIY shelves.

4. Avoid using bubble pack

Bubble pack isn’t exactly an eco-friendly material, plain and simple. However, we’re aware that you need to properly pack your fragile items and protect them from damages. Wrapping your belongings is an important step or packing and many people tend to use bubble pack for that.

But if you want to follow our eco-friendly overseas packing tips, you won’t use bubble pack. Instead, you’ll take blankets, towels or clothes. Any kind of cloths will do, really. These materials will keep your fragile belongings from damages and they won’t harm the environment.

5. Utilize things you already own for packing

A lot of people seem to think they have to buy all of the packing materials. But that’s not the case. If you just look around your house, you’ll find that you already own a lot of things that can be used for packing. Not only will this save you some money, but this is also a great eco-friendly overseas moving tip. We’ll give you some examples.

Books in a suitcase
You must have some suitcases and bags lying around the house – use them for packing!
  • Use all of your suitcases to pack your things.
  • Any bigger bags and duffel bags will also come in handy when you’re packing.
  • If you have any trash bags lying around, use them to pack your clothes for example.
  • You can even leave some things in the drawers and dressers.
  • If you’ve moved in the past, you can use leftover packing supplies from that relocation.

6. Use Tupperware containers for packing toiletries

It’s kind of a logical choice to pack your toiletries into plastic bags. But if you’re looking for eco-friendly overseas packing advice, you probably know you should stay away from plastic bags. Well, because you’ll still need to pack all of your toiletries into something, it’s best to find a reusable option.

Tupperware containers, just like plastic containers for packing, are a great solution. They will stay sealed, so you don’t have to worry about any spillages. Not only that, but you can even reuse them later on. Just wash them after the move, and you can keep using these for meal prep, for example.

Are you ready to start packing?

So, now that you’ve read all of our eco-friendly overseas packing tips, you know what to do. You’re ready to decide on which options suits your needs best and start packing. We applaud you for wanting to use eco-friendly packing methods and we hope this article has helped. Just strive to avoid plastic and to stick to reusable materials. The environment will be very grateful to you. Good luck!

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