Duties of customs officers

Customs officers are responsible for helping to prevent the importation of illegal or dangerous goods. That includes firearms, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and endangered animals. In this challenging role, the Duties of customs officers are to stop banned items from entering or leaving the country on behalf of the government. Customs services are unique governmental cross-border control agencies, which are mostly located at national cross-border checking points. Here is what you should know about their job. 

What are customs officers exactly doing?

Before finding out what responsibilities you’ll need to acquire, make sure to hire project Cargo and let them help you. So officers are known as customs and excise officers. Usual responsibilities of their job involve:

  • Identifying people to question based on prior offenses
  • Searching baggage and patting down people for smuggled items
  • Making arrests of people suspected of smuggling
  • Seizing smuggled goods
  • Checking documentation related to imported goods
  • Identifying and handling drug smugglers
  • Assembling and supplying trade statistics
  • Writing reports
  • Solving the problem of alcohol and tobacco smuggling
  • Helping to fight the worldwide illegal trade in endangered species of animals
  • Dealing with revenue due on imported goods.
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You’ll make it easier for yourself by finding out all about the Duties of customs before you become one

You would check that people arriving at borders are not bringing in or taking out forbidden goods. You’d also explain to people if they need to pay a charge. For example, to take certain items in or out of the country. You can customs duties and taxes so the rules are being applied fairly to everyone. Furthermore, you may also do the following:

  • Search luggage, vehicles, and travelers
  • Check customs documents
  • Question people who have been found with illegal items and similar
  • Arrest and charge people
  • Prepare reports and witness statements.

There are various Duties of customs officers 

If you become a customs officer you’ll help prevent smuggling. Fighting the illegal alcohol and tobacco trade by searching luggage, vehicles, and passengers. You’ll also be helping to detect drug crime. Not to mention fight prohibited worldwide trafficking of endangered animals and birds. When you suspect that someone is carrying a liable item for which duty has not been paid or secured.

If there are any banned items, you can detain and search them. You will inspect their baggage and ask them some questions. Your job might also involve boarding and searching ships, aircraft, or other vehicles at the airport. You may break, open, mark, seal or secure any items as well as obtaining access to vehicles to seize concealed goods. Nevertheless, make sure to get help when it comes to transportation

This is what a genuine customs officer is

Other skills required include effective communication intelligence, and the ability to use a computer. And of course, a thorough understanding of all related policies and laws related to customs. Interpersonal skills are very important. Jobs are very competitive, attracting many applicants to a limited number of opportunities.

Therefore, people with relevant work experience will probably be chosen. It’s also useful if you have many qualities. Such as fairness, a good sense of judgment, and honesty. Furthermore, if you pay close attention to details and are confident in making decisions, you’ll be an amazing customs officer. But before building your skills, maintain to get in touch with Kokusai Express Japan and see various services they have to offer.

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Give your best to find out the values that customs officers need to have

Duties of customs officers and their work activities

  • Clearing goods through customs
  • Preparing and processing import and export documentation according to customs regulations, laws, or procedures
  • Advising customers on import and export restrictions, tariff systems, quotas, and similar matters
  • Applying for tariff concessions or duty drawbacks and other refunds
  • Classifying goods according to the tariff coding system
  • Calculating duty and tariff payments owed on shipments
  • Consulting with officials in various agencies to facilitate the clearance of goods through quarantine.

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Work circumstances

Travelling is completely normal. Working hours are mainly up 9 AM to 5 PM. Monday to Friday for those in administrative roles. Uniformed officers work shifts including weekends, public holidays, and evenings for those on port duties. They usually work at airports. Furthermore, possibilities for self-employment are not possible. Nevertheless, try to get some help from one of the greatest air Freight Forwarders when it comes to affordable kinds of services. 

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Try your best to learn and then acquire all of the essential skills that you’ll need for a customs officer

Skills and qualities that customs officers gotta have

Customs officers must be able to gather and analyze complex information. Moreover, it’s good to have the ability to spread detailed information clearly. Nevertheless, it’s better if you can work independently and as part of a team. You should strive to be tactful and polite with people. It’s desirable to maintain the ability to work accurately and to notice inconsistencies.

Some countries require physical skills as well as mental skills for this position. Good coordination is important, as its physical strength. Many customs officers stand or sit for the majority of the day. Still, there are cases in which physical skills might be significant. However, desired skills are not the only requirement for becoming a customs officer. It’s usually a good idea to have the appropriate background and experience as well. We hope that this was helpful. This is a serious position and we did our best to emphasize everything that was important. If this is something that you are aiming for, we wish you luck. 

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