Downsides Of Packing On Your Own

Although there are significant advantages, there are also many downsides to packing on your own. It is not easy to organize this step. Companies that hold cargo export are skilled and experienced and predict all situations upfront. On the other hand, you will not be able to control the whole process. It is hard to collect tools and equipment. Do not mention problems with the Covid-19 and pandemic. You must inform about disinfection and protection equipment. So, having all in mind, packing on your own is not that easy.

However, there are a lot of reasons to recommend it. In most situations, it is much easier and cheaper. If you have adequately prepared and have all you need, it could end successfully. Do not forget that packing on your own includes big emotional baggage. You will spend hours watching old photos or choosing what to throw away. So, sometimes it is good to rely on professionals.

You should prepare for moving professionally with a good company

Costs are one of the downsides of packing on your own

No matter how you organize packing, it costs. However, there is a vast difference between packing on your own and hiring a professional company. Although in most cases, the company requires more, you can have higher costs if pack alone. Do not forget that you need to find a good packing material, vehicles and maybe include other services.

  • Protection of your items, vehicle and workers is first place – you do not want to lose something or even worse, hurt somebody;
  • There is legislation about transporting the goods, and you may not be informed well about it, so leave the hardest job to the professionals;
  • Overseas shipping companies use professional packing materials knowing everything about the protection and possible problems in transportation – you, on the other hand, do not have that knowledge;
  • Size of the cargo is significant when shipping – it affects the price, and only professionals know how to pack it to take less space;
  • One of the downsides of packing on your own is a high price – you undoubtedly think that it is a cheaper option, but many people will not agree with you.

Losing time

People who organize packing on your own believe that it could not take that long as people say. Many clients have made that mistake. If you want to arrange moving and shipping faster, you should hire professionals like Kokusai Express Moving. They will save time and your nerves.

Costs are higher

We may think that packing on our own is cheaper. We could find free boxes and cram longer, but for free, our tables will be protected. However, we may end up with higher costs than we expected. In some cases, we must take exclusive services to cover our poor packages, like a metal container or truck. Global forwarding has its rules about the box, so we must hire a company to pack us at the end.

Only your liability

If something happens when the company packs your boxes, they will do whatever they can to save your items. They know that loss of your stuff means problems at work. Also, you should have excellent insurance to compensate for losses. It is only your cost if pack on your own.

One of the downsides of packing on your own is where to find supplies

We do not have packing boxes and paper in our homes. To pack our plates, we must find supplies alone. It could be a cheaper (or even a free) option, but also very expensive. You may end up with much higher costs that you have planned. Do not mention that you can do damages or lose something because of improper packing. So, consider or taking a professional for that job.

You will make mistakes

There are a lot of situations when you will make mistakes in packing. Although it seems not that important thing, you should avoid it. However, professionals know to avoid problems and predict errors and barriers. You, on the other hand, could make huge mistakes and even not see for them.

Protection is questionable

One of the reasons why is packing on your own so disputable is protection. You do not have a professional tool and equipment to pack items professionally. For most people, it represents an insurmountable barrier. When things are not protected, you cannot rely on their safety.

Disassembling is hard

Speaking about the tool, you will not be easy to disassemble the furniture. Even if you find a proper tool, you could seriously damage our items. There are a lot of reasons why it should not do amateurs. So, in the end, you will be forced to hire professionals for it. It means that you will pay even more than you have saved on packing on your own.

You will have lot of stuff in your home that is hard for packing and protecting

Practical downsides of packing on your own

Thanks to great success, companies have a lot of satisfied clients. There is no reason to avoid them, even if we find it more expensive. It would help if you prepared for high stress that you will have. There are so many things that could go wrong. Only professionals could organize it easier. So, consider taking them instead of doing the whole job alone.

You will not have a control

No matter how easy and protective looked, it is not easy to control everything. Professional companies have a standard procedure to check all steps in packing. You even do not know for that standard. So, you could pack your items, and they forget to check everything.

You cannot predict everything

There are so many things that may happen. You cannot predict them all, since you do not have experience in this job. Especially now, during a pandemic. It is the reason why IATA has made the Covid-19 mitigation guide for companies, but you, as a client, do not have it. However, there are many other problems. Old furniture may damage, lose parts, make holes in the floor. You can lose something from the house to the vehicle. Also, reassembling is more complicated than removing all parts. All of these problems finally make the job harder and unpredictable.

Boxes in your home are good but still not protective for your stuff


Moving is stressful, so there is no reason to make it even harder than it is as one of the worst downsides of packing on your own is undoubtedly how to deal with it. You should avoid all problems that may occur. Simply, hire professionals to do the job for you.

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