Do you need a freight broker in Japan?

There are many people on this planet. And a lot of them ship items every day. There are goods traveling from one part of the planet to the next at every minute. Even while you are reading this, there are hundreds of crates being carried by air or by sea, and their new owners waiting for them. When you run a business, import and export are an everyday thing. This is why it’s really important to be able to find good international sea freight forwarders. They are the people you will rely most on to transport the goods you or your clients need. So, when do you need a freight broker in Japan? Read this article to find out.

What is a freight broker

A chain - because a freight broker in Japan is a valuable link in your supply chain.
A freight broker is a valuable link in your supply chain.

First, let’s talk just a little bit about what a freight broker actually is. In the business world, sometimes you will be juggling too many things all at once. Because of this, you might not have the time, or the energy, to go through a process of finding and screening a good freight forwarder. And even if you do have one, you might not be able to organize the transportation in time. This is where freight brokers come into play.

Freight brokers are the people who connect the shipper with the carrier. They are the ones who arrange the shipping. In return, they charge a small commission for facilitating this hard process. That is how they earn their money.

One of the main reasons you will want to use a freight broker is the efficiency. Even though you add another link to your supply chain, they are quite valuable. They add flexibility and value and let you focus on other things and projects. In the long run, this gives you an advantage over your competition.

So let’s look into the advantages that a freight broker in Japan offers in more detail.

Freight broker in Japan saves you time, effort and money

An hourglass with money in the back.
Time is money in the business world!

As we mentioned before, a freight broker in Japan will save you a lot of things. It is like you have your own dedicated shipping department – without covering all the expenses and costs of actually having one! First, they will save you time. Imagine how long the process of finding a freight forwarder, dealing with them and arranging for the shipment is. With the freight broker, you can skip all that – they already have their contacts and they know what they are doing.

This way, they are also saving you the effort or actually doing the work yourself. However, that’s not all! With a broker, you are free to do what you need. You will waste no time on preparing your goods, complicate invoices, audits or on training your staff to deal with freight forwarding. This, in turn, will save you money – since you are focusing on other projects that will earn you more money.

Freight brokers offer experience

Whatever you have to say about freight broker in Japan, one thing is certain. They have shipping expertise. Once you get them as your partner, they will use that expertise to your advantage. What they do best is shipping, as it’s their job. You will have access to their knowledge, and it can be vast. Have you ever thought about the best practices and the real-world experience of shipping? Do you know the difference between air freight vs. ocean freight?

They know all this data, and they will use it to your advantage. Because of this, you will get in front of your competition in the shipping game. The freight brokers will also give you significant insight into the latest technology that you can use for shipping. You can add shipment reporting and visibility into your logistic tools, which both are very valuable when dealing with international shipping.

Networking is important in the business world

A map with pins and strings - a network.
Network around the globe.

Another thing any freight broker in Japan will bring to the table is networking. And in the business world, knowing people and getting contacts is the bread and butter of any company that wants to improve and develop. Find a freight broker who has been in the business for quite some time, and you are sure to get a person you can rely on. They will know a bunch of people, have an expansive carrier network and also have contacts in all areas tied to shipping, like a secure warehouse in Japan.

Using these contacts, freight brokers can provide many advantages to your company over in-house shipping departments. They might be able to set up volume discounts, and they can have buying power. These will lower your expenses, which is fairly important for any company that wants to prosper. Finally, they can provide you with the capacity that other companies might not be able to get, or would be able to buy with a lot of money. This way you don’t only get in front of your competition, but you save and earn money.

Freight broker in Japan will become your partner

Finally, you need to be aware of one simple thing. Freight broker in Japan become your partner. They might work for you, and put your interest first, but they also gain from you succeeding. As your business grows, they will succeed with you and develop their business too. As you get more customers, they will get more contacts. While your business channels are getting occupied, they will need to find the best ways to sort out the demand for your goods, thus developing their skills.


To conclude, there are many things that you gain from getting a freight broker in Japan. True, they are the people who will sort out the shipment of your goods, but they bring so much more as well. They will help save your money, time and effort and thus ensure your business prospers. Also, they will help you make new contacts and further develop your network. Finally, they will share useful information about shipping processes and technologies that you might not know. This is why they are a valuable partner for any company to get.

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