Different ways to ship your car

When it comes to relocating a vehicle across the state or across the country, it’s easy. You sit in and drive it. But when it comes to transporting a car long-distance or overseas, well that’s far more difficult to organize. There are various options when it comes to vehicle transportation. But all of them require research in advance in order to find the most suitable way of transportation. The best way to ship your car is finding a method that fits your budget, preferences, and schedule. In this article, we give you different ways to ship your car with its advantages, pros, and cons.

Explore your car shipping options among many ways to ship your car

Whether you want to ship an exotic sports car or your family vehicle, you need to do a little research. Basically, you have two choices for car shipping:

  • Door-to-door services – This option means that you determine a location where someone will pick up your car. You then designate a place where someone will drop your car off.
  • Terminal-to-terminal services – There is a designated location where your car arrives and from which it departs. Your car will be shipped to a desirable location with the other vehicles.
Truck among the ways to ship your car.
Be ready to research in order to find the best way to ship your car.

If you’re on a tight budget, the terminal-to-terminal option is probably cheaper. But its disadvantage is you have to wait for the shipping service to has a full load. That may cause some delay. In addition, your car will be exposed to external elements like wind or rain.

Choose a proven car transport expert that will help you decide which way is the best to ship your car

Finding a reliable and trustworthy vehicle transport company is crucial. This way your car relocation experience will be easy and painless. Not to mention you’ll be able to plan your finances properly. A company that will conduct your vehicle’s relocation is the carrier. The first thing you should check before hiring a carrier is that it has a license and insurance.

Also, there are several options for shipping your ride by a carrier. If the price is the primary factor, the best option is shipping via a 4 to 10 car carrier. This type of method costs less because the price is spread to several customers. But you might have to wait longer for your car to be delivered. That’s because high-capacity carriers have a lot of stops to make along the road. Also, you have to be flexible because delivery depends on factors such as weather or distance. That’s why you have to be ready to wait, instead of expecting delivery on a specific date.

In case you own a classic or luxury car, you may want to consider a different option. For those types of vehicles, a better way to ship your car is via a single-vehicle trailer. This way your car will be protected from the sun and rain and it’ll be delivered to its final destination. There are no other stops along the route. On the other hand, this way of shipping a car is far more expensive due to more protection offered.

Tips on how to pick a type of carrier

After you’ve picked a good company, you have to choose a type of carrier. There are two options when it comes to carrier types which depends on the value of your vehicle. You can pick either enclosed car transport or open car shipping. Again, in case you are on a moving budget, you should consider open shipping because it’s usually cheaper. But, you should bear in mind that open shipping exposes your car to external elements. These elements such as rain or rocks along the road are beyond the company’s control. If your car is valuable, this might not be the best way to ship your car. Logically, enclosed transport is more expensive due to carrying only several cars at a time. If you want more information on this matter, we bring you a detailed comparison of the open air versus enclosed.

Choose carefully the type of carrier. It is important.

Shipping your car overseas as a way to ship your car

Although shipping a car overseas sounds so complicated and expensive, that doesn’t have to be the case. We offer you several ways to ship your car across the sea. Before that, don’t forget to prepare for moving internationally.

Cargo Container

First, you have to find a company that offers international car transportation. But you have to give them all the necessary documents so that the company can transport your car through customs. Cargo containers have different sizes but are generally between twenty and forty feet. The advantage is you don’t have to fill an entire container. The transportation company will fill the container with other people’s vehicles. Don’t worry about the safety of your car. All of the cars in the container will be properly loaded and secured.

Container is one of the ways to ship your car.
Relocate your vehicle in cargo containers- one of the best ways.

Transportation by air 

Another way of getting your vehicle transported from one location to another is by air. There are several benefits when choosing this method of shipping your car. Aerial transportation saves you time and it can cost less than shipping by sea. Also, you can track car transportation easily. Don’t dismiss this option lightly, because aerial transportation is a good choice.

Transportation by sea and air 

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about shipping your car overseas, this combination might be a good idea too. That’s why we suggest you consider the air sea forwarder.

Plane and ship
Air-sea forwarder makes your car transportation easier to conduct.

Transport your car by rail

As trains have a more direct path than trucks, this allows you to speed up the relocation of your car. Also, shipping your car by train is safer, as train accidents happen so rarely. Transportation companies prefer this kind of car transport because it doesn’t take them so much effort. They only have to load and off-load cars at the end.

All in all, the key to choose from different ways to ship your car is good assessment. You have to adjust the way of transportation to your requests and needs. Also, you should always make an estimated moving cost, so that you manage to save some money as well. We hope you will have a pleasant moving experience by following our advice. Good luck!

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