Different Types Of Shipping Containers You Might Need

You need to learn different types of shipping containers and adapt your job to each of them. Although we feel that the best container for all types of jobs is large enough, it is much more difficult than that. The first you need is to choose a container that will follow the specifics of your job. Experienced overseas relocation services know that using different types of storages significantly change the way of transporting. While some of them protect the items inside, the other will make sure that your food will not spoil.

The most important when shipping storage is is to make them adapted to your business. In that way, you will save money, time, and protect items. Companies that transport goods know it and do not hesitate to use various types of containers. However, you must inform which of them exist and then adapt them to your business.

You can easily organize shipping when knowing different sizes of the containers that you can use

Different types of shipping containers start from classic ones

No matter how many containers you can find and how they look like, you should start from standard shape and size. They are applied to your business and surely great for different types of jobs. However, you should not rely on only one size or usage of the storage. The key is in rational and smart usage of the storage, applied to your business.

  • Large containers are the best for all types of shipping – however, you should not use them for your purposes in each situation;
  • You need a stable and sturdy container, and in that case, you should rely on metallic but without damages and rust;
  • Companies like different types of shipping containers because they are easy for usage and loading;
  • Thanks to the size and easiness in usage you can control all goods that come into container and loading of them;
  • Airfreight forwarders love containers since they are the easiest for transporting and moving – do not forget on this purpose.

Dry storage container

When we imagine a container, the first picture in our head is surely a dry storage container. It is a simple, boxy, metallic container. Usually is made in standard size with entrance for loading. Professional companies like Kokusai Express Moving use it for different purposes. Thanks to the size, you can transport a lot of things there.

Flat rack container

Sometimes you need a large container, but with sides that you can fold if it is needed. They use it mostly for high and wide items. Also, moving service Japan will offer you this type of container if you have a lot of different types of goods. You can easily put it here and protect it from falling off. Good resolution when you do not care about rain or cold.


Container, when it is used in this way, could make a tunnel. In that case, they open front and back doors. The reason is obvious, you can easily load this container and use it for different purposes. Usually, they use it for quick loading.

Companies use different types of shipping containers by needs and goods

Different types of shipping containers include large and specialized ones

When organize shipping, you need to provide large enough spaces for your goods. Some companies use only large containers and could rely on them. Along with large ones, there are containers that you can use for special purposes, like for cargo that is high or wide too much, so they have opened sides or roof.

Open top container

Sometimes the container is more than storage for goods. You will need to put their items that are larger or higher than standard containers are. It is not a problem, since manufacturers have predicted those situations. They will offer you a container that does not have a roof. It is like a convertible among the containers.

Open side

You can have items that you will need to put in storage without sides. The reason is objected that are wider than a standard container. However, they must be protected from atmospheric conditions. So, the opening of the sides is the best solution.

Double doors

If you need storage that provides easy entrance, and loading but protected from the roof, double doors are a great option. The difference between this type and the other above is that it has larger doors. It is a great option for high and large items, that you need to load quickly.

Different types of shipping containers you can use for food and liquid, too

Although there are a lot of different containers and storage that you can use for goods, the shipping of food is different. You must not rely on classic containers, since they cannot save freshness. Do not worry, there are great types of storage that could save the food and liquid in an almost untouched stage for a long time. They are expensive, but you can rely on them.

Temperature regulated shipping containers

It is great when you can use containers with temperature regulations. You will not use it for all types of goods, no matter how great it sounds. People and companies mostly use it for shipping goods and medicines. On the other hand, they have space for a lot of boxes and packages.

Insulated containers

Another type of containers that people use for medicines and food. They have temperature controlling function, too. It means that you can use it for different types of goods. You can easily make the temperature adjusted to the job and situation that you are in.

Car and containers
Obviously, you will use special container for car shipping


Most of the people ask how they transport liquid that is not in packages and bottles. The answer is quite simple – they use tankers. We usually presume that tanks are for oil and mostly it is true. Although we consider the safety of oil storage tanks, they are way safer than any other container. If you need a smaller package, like for drinks, you can use smaller tankers, called drummers.

Car carriers

We know that car shipping is expensive and difficult. The reason is a special type of container that they use for it. Although it belongs to the list of different types of shipping containers, they are completely different from other sorts. They could be opened and closed, where cars are packed separately.


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