Different types of moving estimates

Moving is one of the most important processes that you will ever have to go through in your life. Making it through a move is not a simple task, but it is, of course, more than doable if you approach it properly. This means that you have to dedicate yourself fully to planning your move since that is the only way to avoid it going badly. From choosing a perfect moving date to packing all of your belongings, a lot of work is ahead. One of the main things that you should definitely do when planning a move is hiring a group of professionals such as KSE moving to help you with your move. In order to hire a good moving company, you should first get acquainted with relevant terms. One of the most important of these terms is the moving estimates and we have prepared a guide about them.

What are the moving estimates and why do they matter so much?

Since the early days of our civilization, there have always been some people who were not really eager to make a living in a virtuous way. Every area of society has that small percentage of folk that you should best stay away from. The same goes for some people in the moving industry. Some of them do not really want to take advantage of you, but dealing with someone who is simply untransparent is not something you should risk at all. This is where moving estimates come in. They are a great way to make sure that basically every aspect of the agreement that you made with the moving company will be honored completely.

person writing on white paper
It is important to be acquainted with all the details before signing an official deal

Getting a moving estimate is something that can really show you the difference between someone who means business seriously, and someone who is not really there yet, or worse, someone who is leaving room for a loophole to exploit against you later and make you pay more than you agreed at first. The way they treat moving estimates will show you instantly what they are like. If they decide to send someone to your home to make the estimate – great. In case they ask for photos or videos, you are also in the green. However, if they ask you to provide them with a moving estimate on your own, then you have likely stumbled upon one of the moving company’s that we have mentioned above and that you should leave and look for another company.

How many types of moving estimates are there and what is the difference?

There are three main types of moving estimates and each of them has its upsides and downsides. You should get acquainted with all three before you strike a deal with the movers. You should also have in mind beforehand how do you exactly expect your move to go. This will be important when you come to the point when you have to choose the type of estimate for your move. The three types are:

  • Non-Binding Estimate
  • Binding Estimates
  • Binding Not-To-Exceed
It is important to know each of the moving estimates before you choose the best one for you
Do your homework about each aspect of the move

Each of these types has its arguments for you to choose them, so in order to help you with that, we will now talk about each of them in detail.

Non-Binding Estimate

Of all the estimates, this one is the least popular and preferred one. It is also closely connected to the problematic movers that we mentioned above. If you hire true professional movers that offer services such as dealing with project cargo, they are likely not to offer you this type of estimate. A non-binding estimate means that you will get a rough estimate of what your move can cost. However, you will not get that written in a contract. This means that the amount may change after the move takes place. It can be lower, but it can also be higher at the end of the day than what you have agreed for. So, if you do agree for a non-binding estimate, prepare yourself for some extra expenses when the move ends.

Binding estimate

So, having a non-binding estimate means a lot of uncertainty for you, with potential gain, but also potential loss. On the other hand, things are a lot more “set in stone” when you get a binding estimate. It will simply put, provide you with a lot more accurate sum to pay for the moving services. The cost of your move will not increase in any case. So, if the movers realize on your moving day that there is more work to do, it is too late. They won’t be able to charge you more than what you have agreed on. Still, this also means that if there is less work on a moving day, then they will still charge you the full price. Though you cannot still know what the exact “cost” to “amount of work” ratio will be, you can still count on a set price.

two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling
A binding estimate is probably the most popular estimate overall

Binding Not-To-Exceed

Probably the most precise of all the moving estimates, the binding not-to-exceed estimates are really popular among the long distance movers. When it comes to this estimate, the moving company is bound by the price you receive. If the weight of the items is less than the estimate, then the price will be lower. As is the case with every other estimate, and generally with every move, you are organizing, having an inventory list can be a surprisingly handy tool to have by your side. It is thus important that you make the movers know how many items you have and provide them with the chance to give the most accurate moving estimate. An inventory list will help you do this in the most precise way possible. So, make sure that you have it beforehand.

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