Dedicated Warehousing vs. Shared Warehousing: What is the difference?

More and more clients have a dilemma dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing. We used on making choice between different types of storages. There are so many different types on the market. On the other hand, when the crucial question is how large space I actually need, the choice is simple. You should decide if you are more likely for one large space, or not. For small businesses, it is much easier to share the space. It sounds easy. However, there are many advantages to both. We should consider all of them before a final decision.

There are a few questions that you should know before choosing the best option for you:

  • The maximum size of the storage – it is obvious that you should know how large space you will need;
  • Size of the doors – just in case that you are not sure, you will need an entrance for vehicles;
  • Access for trucks and other types of vehicles – you may forget, but this is especially important if you are willing to use ships as a type of transportation, for example;
  • One of the most important fact when choosing between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing is in accordance with the local legislation;
  • Finally, you should not forget on other, but usual conditions that warehouse should fulfill, like temperature, safety and other.

Choosing between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing must not finish after considering the conditions above. This is only the first step in choosing the best place for your business. It is also important which type of the business you have. On the other hand, the period of time you have planned to use the warehouse should be on the top of the list.

A ship with the containers
Shared warehouse includes sharing with somebody that has simple job like you are

Advantages of the dedicated warehousing

There are so many reasons when dilemma between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing should finish with choosing the first one. Dedicated warehouse presumes larger space, more control and maybe better conditions.

It has own cost

This could be a big advantage for a dedicated warehouse. Admit that it is liberating knowing that you have rights on every part of the warehouse. Even though it means that you must pay for it.

You will have a fixed price

When we talk about the price, you will pay the same price every month. It means that nothing will affect it. As the opposite of the shared warehousing, this includes only the agreement that you have with the owner. This also presumes the same surface every month.

Everything is made for a single user

It means that you may have your own key or entrance. This could be very important for the large business. The fact that you will be able to come here and take your own goods wherever you want is satisfying. You can use it in cooperation with moving companies Japan, too.

Door of a warehouse
The dedicated warehouse is locked by a key that only you have

Dedicated warehousing is for large businesses

If you still doubt between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing think about the business you have. Do you need a large space for all the goods you have? What is about the continuity of your business? Do you need to change it from time to time? If you do not change the usage of the warehouse seasonally, you should consider dedicated warehousing. It could be great for exhibition cargo, too.

Shared warehousing advantages

This is another type of warehousing. It is for sure that dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing question leads to this resolution in some cases. As the matter of fact, there are many clients that need this type of storages. The question is are you fulfill these conditions.

The price will be lower and you will be able to change it

It is for sure that you will be able to change the surface that you use. It depends on the space you need. If you have a business that changes volume from time to time this could be a money saver. There are many seasoned jobs that are perfect for a shared warehouse for these reasons. If you are questioning if dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing, this could be perfect. Just make sure that you are using warehouse in Japan that is safe.

It should have a reception area or an employer for that

This is crucial when many people or companies use this type of warehouse. There should be a person that controls who came in or took something. You should have a control number or specific label. Those things should be on the top when questioning between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing.

It is made for multiple clients – and organized in that way

This is the first question when dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing dilemma is about. Do not worry, however. They have workers that help in every possible case. It means that they have a person who controls everything. You should have an appointment to use storage. It prevents mixing with other clients. On the other hand, you will have a free entrance when you need it.

Dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing verdict

This actually is not a competition. You should know which of them is a good choice for you. In case that you have not decided yet, keep in mind a few important things.

An hourglass with money in the back as a symbol of good choice between dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing
Time is money in the business world!

Shared warehousing is for smaller businesses

This is the best choice for those who have small or in growing businesses. You do not need to have a large space if you use that item occasionally. That presumes seasonally jobs, too. You will be able to change the surface that you need on demand. That decreases the costs, and help in improving the job.

Dedicated warehousing provides more control

In question dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing, this advantage prevails. It is great when you have control over your costs, workers, and goods. Do not mention advantages with cargo export and import.

Finally, do you really want to share a warehouse with somebody else?

First, every warehouse is safe and protected. This does mean that nobody can touch your items. However, for some types of businesses shared warehousing is not that smart. Many famous brands do not want to allow somebody else to see their goods. This is maybe the first reason when in dedicated warehousing vs shared warehousing you should choose the first one.

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