Our customers and clients are who Kokusai Express Japan exists for. This is why keeping you satisfied is the main goal of our company. In fact, we tend to keep our customers more than satisfied, always trying to exceed your needs. How do we do this? By constantly investing in training and education of our employees. Customer support is what every single employee of our company must practice. No matter what his/her job or department is.

Get answers to all your questions by getting in touch with our customer support
Call our attentive personnel and get the answers to all your questions

Some of the main responsibilities of our employees at customer service are:

  • Helping our customers and clients understand what Kokusai Express offers – To be able to do this, we tend to educate all our employees so they know at least the basic info about each service we provide.
  • Handling all sorts of troubles that might appear – Being prepared to promptly react whenever some problem appears is a must, so every our employee has this ability.
  • Responding to emails and calls promptly – We appreciate the time of our customers and clients and we act in accordance with this.
  • Being patient and attentive – No matter how small a problem might look to us, we know how big it might look to our clients and customers.

You don’t understand some of the services we offer? Our customer care staff is here to explain it

Our employees from customer service department know everything about each service we provide. Therefore, if you don’t fully understand some service, or you don’t understand at all what some service covers, we suggest you get in touch with our customer service. (There are phone numbers below this text) The people employed there will be more than happy to hear from you, and more than ready to answer all your questions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the pricing system, you want to know what guarantees for the competence our employees at some department, or require the licensure for some job. We have everything solved out, so you get the proper information in only a few minutes. The basic responsibility of Kokusai Express staff is to save our customers’ time. This is what we have implemented in our customer service too!

Some problem appeared? We’ll find a solution ASAP

If you think something is not going right, or you would like something to be conducted in a different manner, first get in touch with us. Our personnel will look to understand what the problem is. If you don’t understand some process, we shall explain it to you. Otherwise, if it is truly a problem, there are already prepared solutions for the most common issues that might appear. So we’ll react promptly and remove all the difficulties or obstacles that could be on our way. One thing is for sure, we do everything so our customers and clients don’t spend any more time or money than you agreed to.

Need some information? We’ll respond promptly

Take care of your needs by calling our customer care
Our customer care department takes care of your needs

No matter if you prefer calling or writing emails, we guarantee you’ll have a prompt answer. We know how the time is important to our clients and customers, so we do everything to reduce losing it to a minimum. Kokusai Express employs enough people in our customer support department so none of our clients waits too long for an answer to a question that might be of crucial importance at that time. Whatever kind of information about our services you might need, just give us a call or send us an email, and we shall provide you with the proper answer shortly.

You can count on us being patient and polite

This is an essential quality of all of our employees. This doesn’t only stand for those working in our customer care department but it especially stands for them. Because customer care isn’t just a phrase or only a department name to us. We truly care about our clients and customers and about the needs our customers and clients might have. Also, we take nothing for granted. Hence, not only that we pay attention to our clients’ needs while working on some project, but also after the project ends. Our main goal is satisfying the needs of our customers and clients in a manner to make you smile. It’s not easy, but it’s what we achieve almost every time with almost every client!

For any information you might need, please contact the appropriate office:


tel: 03-6748-0600
fax: 03-5776-1185

Tokyo Sales Office 1

tel: 03-5755-1011
fax: 03-5755-1005

Tokyo Sales Office 2

tel: 03-6303-6010
fax: 03-5755-8334

Narita Customs Center

tel: 0479-85-6040
fax: 0479-85-6045

Yokohama Sales Office

tel: 045-227-6261
fax: 045-227-6034

Osaka Sales Office

tel: 06-4703-1234
fax: 06-4703-1239

Kobe Sales Office

tel: 078-881-2620
fax: 078-881-2625

Korea (Seul)

tel: +82-2-3143-5555
fax: +82-2-3143-5588

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