Cultural differences to prepare for when moving to Japan

Do not forget that there are a lot of cultural differences to prepare for when moving to Japan. Even if you are not sure what they look like, you should inform them as soon as possible. Japanese people follow the tradition and believe that each person has to understand how it functions. On the other hand, if you feel nervous, rely on Kokusai Express Japan for your move.

Which are cultural differences to prepare for?

There are a lot of reasons why is living in Japan a little confusing for Western people. However, it is not difficult to learn the most important things before moving to Japan.

  • There are a lot of cultural differences to prepare for to show respect to the hosts in Japan;
  • You will find their behavior completely different from ours, but it is also a very interesting way to spend days in Japan;
  • When moving to Japan with international movers Japan, you should follow the guidelines that they gave to you.
Japanese geisha
Cultural differences to prepare for are mostly connected to tradition

They care about the hygiene

Although we consider ourselves as clean and tide persons, we could experience a disappointment when visiting Japan. They rise the word “hygiene” to a completely new level. Starting from numerous bathrooms and toilets in public to special towels and wet tissues that you can buy at every corner. Before moving to Japan you should learn that they believe that people had to be clean and do it whenever they can. They also do not allow using the toilet without using special commands and buttons.

Speaking about the toilets

Talking about toilets becomes seriously different when comes to Japan. Not only that they have placed numerous toilets all over the cities, but their toilets are completely different. You will be confused with all those buttons that you can see on their toilets, which are made for different purposes. One of the buttons is made to make the toilet cleaner, while the others are for your hygiene. One of the moving tips is to take all you can for hygiene with you.

Do not wear shoes indoor

As the opposite to the Western world, you will see completely different ways of visiting the houses in Japan. One of the greatest taboos when it comes to homes is wearing shoes indoors. They have special home shoes that you should wear when visiting their homes, and the people in the families have them, too. Keep in mind that they leave shoes in the hole, in a special place, so follow their instructions and do not make mistakes.

How to behave in public

If you are moving internationally for the first time and moving to Japan you need to pay attention to public behavior, too. They have rules on how people can act in public and consider them very seriously.

Public behavior is different

For most people in the Western world, public behavior presumes freedom to express feelings and current mood. However, in Japan, it could be an expression of deep misunderstanding and unmannerliness. Especially worth for couples that must not act like they are in a relationship. Even a small kiss could be extremely rude to the Japanese and they do not tolerate that behavior. Things like sitting on the lap, or long hugs could be very badly accepted by people on the street.

Japanese spice
You will like their cuisine but learn to adjust to their tradition

Recycling is very important

People in the Western world have learned to recycle and they mostly do it respectively and without pressure. However, people in Japan have raised the whole concept of recycling to the top level. You will see public trash cans separated into parts that you can use for your purposes. For example, they have four or five cans in one place, for plastic, paper, and others. They expect people in public spaces are aware of the importance of recycling.

Punctuality is the most important feature

Although people in the rest of the world must come to work on time, in Japan, they are much more serious about it. You can see people on the street that rush through the crowd, even if they wear a three-pair suit and a briefcase. The most important for them is to respect the person that they work for, as well as the people they are on meeting with. So, if they push you gently in the crowd do not feel mad, they simply have to rush to work.

They do not eat on-the-go

One of the most serious differences between those two cultures people name lack of street food and eating in public. You may feel a little disappointed realizing that even drinking soda on the street is described as extremely rude. Japanese culture is connected to the family and home, and they believe that eating is intimate and personal in any circumstance. It is the reason why are not allowed to eat in public, especially not having lunch on the bench in a park.

The culture in Japan is quite different

Although we would like to describe ourselves as clean, tidy, and efficient persons, Japanese people are more than that. Their culture follows special rules that you must learn before moving there.

Living room
You should respect their expectations and leave the shoes outside

They believe in efficiency

We have used to when something is efficient and on time, describe as like-Japanese. There is a reason why is that. You know that Japanese people love to come everywhere on time and finish the job without waiting. The same rule they accepted when it comes to ordinary life. They do not lose time on long talks, eating, or performing the job. It is a common situation when they find a simple and efficient way to resolve the problem without waiting and prolonging it.

Accept their hospitality

Although all we said above could seem like Japanese people are too serious, strict, and unpleasant, the reality is completely different. They are very polite and respectful, especially to strangers. Even if you made mistake in some of these rules, they will understand and help in a way that respects you and your personality. If you feel uncomfortable in some way, you can freely share it with them, and they will do whatever it takes to make you feel better. Although there are a lot of cultural differences to prepare for when moving to Japan, you should feel relaxed about it.


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