Crating mistakes and how to avoid them

There is no doubt that hauling cargo across the globe is a demanding and time-consuming process. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to expand your business or relocate from or to Japan, you need to be patient and ready for a lot of tasks. Probably you will need help from moving professionals who can provide you with quality services. If you are looking for this type of a company, Kokusai Express Japan is waiting for you . So, make sure to choose a company that is suitable for your needs. Remember, international freight forwarding tasks can be very complex. There is no room for failed planning, improper packing, and crating mistakes. Therefore, continue reading and learn how to avoid those mistakes.

Packing and crating mistakes to be careful about

Maybe you did not know, but crates are a proven way to make your large items ready for transportation. That is why many moving companies that offer cargo export services use crating to pack large items for transportation. Although crating is an ideal way to pack large items such as pieces of furniture or large products and goods, it is easy to make crating mistakes.

Important facts you need to know when planning to pack your items in crates

In order to avoid mistakes, here are few steps that you should take into consideration. And you should start with the way of how you pack your belongings:

  • Although this process  is pretty simple, it demands special material. Besides, you need to know just having materials is not enough- you must know how to use it. Unluckily, in some cases, this process can even cause damages to the furniture that you wanted to protect by using the crating method.
  • Not having proper materials and knowledge on how to use them is one of the common  mistakes you need to avoid. Also, not having enough crating supplies and poor packing  one of the crating and packing mistakes to avoid. So, make sure to tight crates well and pack your crates to protect all parts inside.
  • People in moving companies recommend to pay attention to packing when crates to avoid damages – even during packing you can damage items inside of the package
  • Professionals in shipping, logistic, and moving companies  highly recommend to pay attention while packing crates to avoid damages. For this reason, choosing some of the quality overseas shipping companies is necessary. Whether you are packing and crating goods, products, or personal belonging, make sure to do it properly. Unfortunately, even during packing, you can damage items inside of the package, especially if you are not careful enough. For this reason, take enough time to complete this task and look for professionals.
  • Proper crating has its price. Think twice if you will take responsibility for packing and crating or you will let this task to the safe hands of professionals in this field. Unquestionably, hiring professionals will eliminate packing and crating mistakes. Of course, sometimes mistakes are just unavoidable, but having skills and experience will minimize potential mistakes.
Make sure to have enough packing and crating materials.

How to avoid crating mistakes? DIY or professional crating?

There is no doubt that you can save up on packing if you do it yourself. However, make sure that you are aware of the downsides of packing on your own. Therefore, if you need or want to pack your items in this way, be wise and well prepared. For sure that you should learn where people usually make mistakes when packing and crating. Crating mistakes happen when people do this job without any help. Besides, they forget to carry on warnings. Unluckily, this venture could end with serious damages and unexpected costs.

Also, you cannot forget about the conditions you must fulfill to enter a certain market. As this job depends on the laws of different countries, you should take time and learn legislation that certain countries have prescribed about packing and crating.

Question mark.
Which option is better: DIY or professional assistance?

Properly packing will help you avoid crating mistakes

Every person who knows how to pack boxes for moving could learn how to crate professionally. Nonetheless, crating is not that easy a job as you may think. In most cases, crating requires that you need to have a proper tool and get packing materials according to the type of items you plan to transport. Additionally, you should sort and prepare your items for crating. This considers you must know what items you should not pack. For instance, make sure to know is it forbidden to pack and transport hazardous materials.  Although crating itself provides firm protection for your items, you should also protect items inside from damage that may occur.

What you should not crate?

Before you start making any plans for purchasing materials and supplies for crating, you need to remember one thing. Crating is not for everything you have to pack and transport. Although it is one of the most trustworthy packages, it is pretty expensive. That is why you need to calculate your budget and ensure to know the price you will have to pay. Of course, the value of your belongings, goods, or business products will determine your decision. Obviously, your priorities will help you decide if crating is what you need and could afford it.

Whether you plan to do the packing and crating by yourself or you tend to hire professionals for this process, make sure to prepare your budget. Do yourself a favor and think twice do you have enough time and knowledge to conduct crating and avoid packing and creating mistakes. Why should you lose too much time and money on packing if you do not need to? Consider other ways to protect items by yourself or opt for professional movers.

A professional using forklift for crating. By hiring a professional, it is possible to avoid crating mistakes.
Consider hiring professional service.


To conclude, it is important to avoid crating mistakes. This process should be done by professionals who can assist you in an appropriate way. Just include hiring them into the budget and you will organize and prepare for the upcoming process in a simple way!

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