Corporate storage solutions in Japan

There are many reasons why a company would get a storage unit. Sometimes, you need more space but you cannot expand, so you decide to store the things you don’t really use into storage. Or maybe you have discovered you have thousands upon thousands of documents that are really taking up too much space. Whatever the reason, you will need to find the best protected warehouse Japan has to offer. But how do you do this? And are there multiple corporate storage solutions in Japan for you to pick from? How do you even know which one to pick from, without calling experts? If these questions are bothering you, then you are in the right place. In this article, we give you the types of storage you can pick from in Japan. Find out the perfect storage solution for your company below.

Decide what you need corporate storage solutions in Japan for

The first thing you will want to figure out is why you need the storage. This will influence most of your decisions throughout the process. If you are storing temperature sensitive items, then you will need a storage unit whose temperature you can control. If your items need higher security, you will need to look for some units with better security.

Doors - like decisions for the corporate storage solutions in Japan.
There are a lot of decisions to make.

Also, the amount of the items you need to store will help you pick the right size of the storage unit. It’s not the same storing huge electronic devices or a couple of file cabinets. Another thing that will also inform your decision is just how close you want the storage to be to your company – as well as where your company is in Japan. There are a lot of corporate storage solutions in Japan, so you need to think carefully about all of these. Know the items you are storing, and make a list of them. Then, add to that list what you expect out of your storage. You will use these expectations throughout this process.

Decide whether you want indoor or outdoor storage

The first thing you will want to decide is whether you want indoor or outdoor storage. You will need to pick between these two in all of the corporate storage solutions in Japan. There are some similarities between these two, but there are also differences as well! First, the outdoor storage units are the most common ones. They are also the cheapest ones you will find. And although they will have security around the clock, they are usually not climate controlled. What this means is that you should pick these if your items can withstand moisture, heat, and cold. Because of this, you need to learn ways in which you can prevent mold in storage units when going for the outdoor ones.

Storage units.
Decide between indoor or outdoor storage.

The indoor corporate storage solutions in Japan will offer things the outdoor ones can’t. This is why they are usually more expensive ones. However, to compensate for that, they add climate control and even extra security. A downside to this is that you might need a keycard or a special passcode to enter the building. This may be unappealing to some people, and they might, in turn, appreciate outdoor storage more.

Look for special business storage units

Sometimes, these regular corporate storage solutions in Japan just aren’t enough for you. They might not be the right size, or they just don’t seem like they will serve your purpose. Do not despair! There is still something you can do! Even if you are renting the storage unit for the first time and you are unsure, there are people who can help. Actually, there are a lot of companies that offer specialized business storage options which might be perfect for you. They might have a storage plan that will benefit any size of business. They can even give you special file boxes if you need to store your files.

If you cannot find these in your area, then you can give Japan logistics company a call. They have experience in finding perfect storage, so they can set you up with a good one.

Understand what climate control is

There is one final, very important thing you need to realize about corporate storage solutions in Japan. You might think, from what we talked about in the article, that all indoor storage units have climate control, and the outdoor ones are without it. However, it is very important to keep in mind that this does not need to be the case. There are some indoor units without an A/C, and there are those that are outside with the state of the art climate systems.

A thermometer.
Control the thermometer.

This is why it is really important you have a nice discussion with the owners of a unit or a warehouse. You should know what your storage unit will include before you sign a contract. Once you do, you will be legally bound to pay a unit without, for example, climate control – because you didn’t ask beforehand. You can end up with a useless unit that way, only suffering huge company loss because of it.

Finally, once you are done picking among the corporate storage solutions in Japan, it’s time to move your things in there. For this, you will probably need some domestic movers. These are the people with years of experience under their belt. While you are off busy doing other chores, they will be putting your things in the storage unit. In this way, you will be saving time, which – in the business world – means saving money, too!

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