Common misconceptions about shipping

When it comes to shipping, it often sounds like a difficult task. That’s especially if you don’t have experience in that area. That is why it is important you do good preparations for such a project. Before you approach freight forwarding, you should look for reliable information and tips. By following other customers’ experiences or searching for reviews online, shipping goods will be manageable. But, never the less, there are common misconceptions about freight transportation, moving companies, packing, etc. We bring you tips on how to avoid common misconceptions about shipping which will help you organize such a complex job.

Cargo insurance is a waste of money- true or false?

We will begin with one of the most common misconceptions about shipping. Cargo insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity. This way of securing your shipment is always highly recommended by experts. For a little more money spent, you will protect your goods during transportation. A moving company that will guarantee damage-free shipping doesn’t exist. That’s why you have to prevent the damage from happening by ensuring your cargo. Accent on insurance is especially in case you are relocating to another state or continent. In the end, paying more will be economical for your shipping budget.

Common misconceptions about shipping
The most common misconception about shipping is that you have to save money by cutting off insurance. That is never a good idea.

All cargo has to be palletized. The most common misconception about shipping or not?

There are several factors that you have to take into consideration before making a decision on this matter. First, your decision depends on the type of items and the type of container you pick. If you choose a full load container, palletizing and wrapping will take a lot of space. But, if you pick less-then-container load, your items should be palletized, but it is not obligatory. We would recommend palletizing when you’re shipping fragile goods.

Palletizing as one of the most common misconceptions about shipping.
Consider all the factors before deciding whether your items have to be palletized before shipping.

Is it possible to avoid customs exams when shipping goods or is it one of the common misconceptions about shipping?

No matter what anyone tells you, this is simply not possible. Customs exams are a huge part of the shipping process. The only thing you can do is to make it go smoother by preparing all the necessary documents. A customs officer will check your shipment and the corresponding documents to determine if they match. If you don’t have all the necessary documents, you will probably have a problem with getting your shipment sent. Also, one of the most common misconceptions when transporting goods are custom officers. They are not unpleasant, they are just doing their job. If you have everything ready for customs, there is nothing to worry about.

Customs exams are obligatory when it comes to shipping.
Prepare all the necessary documents. Custom officers will look through them.

Shipments can go directly to the plane or ship

Even when your cargo is ready, it can’t go straight to the vessel. It usually takes a couple of days until the shipment can be loaded. This time depends mainly on the type of shipping. The time needed varies if you want to ship your goods by road, air or sea. The important thing is that you are able to track your cargo at any time.

Your shipment will arrive on time- myth or reality?

As being said before, your shipment will not always arrive on time. That is because the shipping process depends on so many factors that are beyond the moving company’s control. Also, there can be bad weather along the route. A trustworthy company will try to ship your items on time but sometimes it is just not in their power. That’s also one of the pros of getting cargo insurance.

Hiring professionals is an unnecessary expense

Organizing shipping is such a complex task. There is a lot of logistics you will have to plan in order to get your cargo safely to the desired location. Doing it by yourself takes a lot of time and often a lot of money. That’s why it is advisable to consider hiring a professional and affordable company that conducts cargo-forwarding. Not only you will reduce stress, but you will save some money as well. Good organization is the key and professionals know how to do it properly.

Logistics is a big part of the shipping process.
Logistics for shipping goods is such a complicated task. Professionals have experience and knowledge to organize shipping without any problem.

Common misconceptions about shipping via trucks

·         Trucks are available at any time

Although you might be thinking there are so many trucks in the world, the chance you’ll book a truck when you want is low. There are so many people using the service of trucks for shipping their goods. You need to think in advance and to book it as soon as possible. The availability of trucks depends on and demand in the shipping market.

·         Trucks can go anywhere you need them to

That is simply not true. In reality, trucks can’t go everywhere because there are places that are too inaccessible. But you have to try finding a company which will make an effort to get your shipment delivered as nearest as possible.

·         Truckdrivers are unprofessional

This is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to shipping. Trustworthy companies will not let nonqualified and unprofessional employees work for them. That’s why you need to pick a shipping company with caution. Check the company and the reviews about their work.

In this article, we tried to present to you some common misconceptions about shipping your items. Shipping is such a huge part of our lives, especially in business. It also has a big part in our every day lives. It expands the borders between us and the merchandise we want to exchange. By conducting successful shipping, you are one step closer to your desired goods. During the process, make sure you do it properly to avoid scams.

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