Common misconceptions about moving to Japan

With so much information available nowadays, it is difficult to tell truth apart from lies. That’s also why there are so many misconceptions about various things. Moving is one of them. When you are stressed out (which you will be when moving) you will be more prone to believe everything you hear. That also includes negative things, which can only end up stressing you out more. Hiring Kokusai Express Japan will greatly diminish the stress levels. If you are planning to move to the country of the rising Sun, these are some misconceptions about moving to Japan.

What are the most common misconceptions about moving to Japan?

People tend to fear what they don’t know, and that’s why there are many misconceptions about moving to Japan. For Americans and Europeans, it might seem like a completely different culture, but that doesn’t have to mean that it is scary. With time, and a positive moving experience when helped by some international movers Japan, you will see that the misconceptions are only a lie. Some of the most common ones are:

  • No one understands English
  • It’s impossible to navigate
  • Living in Japan is expensive
  • The etiquette is too strict
Woman is sad because she believe the misconceptions about moving to Japan
Most Japanese people know basic English

No one understands English

The language barrier can seem like a huge obstacle for people who do not know Japanese when moving to Japan. Let us tell you that the majority of Japanese people know basic English. They can tell you where the bus station is, give you directions, etc. And to make things better, they are friendly and always happy to help.

It’s impossible to navigate

Continuing onto the previous point, it is difficult to get lost if you have friendly locals who want to help you. Moving will also be a breeze when you have moving tips at your side. The public transportation system is also very good, with punctual trains running from 5 am until midnight. The tickets are cheap and there are also weekly and monthly tickets. Almost every station has info boots, with English-speaking staff and signs in English.

Living in Japan is expensive

This really depends on the lifestyle that you choose. There are plenty of options for both ends of the spectrum. Traveling around the country is also surprisingly cheap, thanks to the Japan Rail Pass, which gives you the opportunity to travel inexpensively. Food is also surprisingly cheap, and that doesn’t mean that it is of bad quality. Drinks can be expensive, but with time, you will find options that suit your budget.

Three women walking
There are some customs that you should pay attention to

The etiquette is strict

Japanese people are often portrayed as strict people who obey certain rules. While you need to pay attention to your behavior in a Japanese household and the way you hold the chopsticks, there is no need to worry too much about other things. Japanese are used to foreigners not knowing about these customs, but will get offended if you have been living there for some time and still don’t know them!

Moving is full of misconceptions, and there are also many misconceptions about moving to Japan. We hope to have cleared out some of the most common ones and prepared you for moving to this amazing country. We wish you good luck!


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